Resonate With Jack’s Mannequin


This is a little bit further onto the “emo” side than the weapon usually ventures, but imma be honest here: these guys make some pretty decent tunes, and half of you who expect to hate it will probably be into Jack’s Mannequin. Buzznet’s Resonate sessions have brought you another zinger – this week’s feature: 4 live acoustic songs performed by the pianoman of Jack’s Mannequin. The Orange County natives (and ex-Something Corporate rockers) are set to release a new record – The Glass Passenger – and have a new music video for the album’s first single, The Resolution, directed by Stephenie Meyer (of Twilight fame). Dig the Buzznet exclusive, an acoustic performance of the same track right here, and visit Jack’s Mannequin at to watch 3 more exclusive clips and an interview vid with Bobby and Andrew. Into this Resonate stuff? Stay updated by visiting Resonate every Friday.


Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution

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