• Gang-of-Four_Content-CD

    Gang Of Four: New Album, February 2011 Tour Dates (MP3)

        Gang Of Four, one of the most radical and important groups of the last thirty years, are proud to announce a headlining tour of North America beginning February 4th in Toronto, ON. The band will tour in support of their upcoming album, C […]

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  • Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit Album Artwork

    The Black Heart Procession – Blood Bunny/Black Rabbit (REVIEW)

    When The Black Heart Procession broke their three-year silence with last year’s critically-lauded comeback, Six, it showcased the iconic band born from the self-imposed hiatus of Three Mile Pilot returning to its roots, crafting the kind of minimalist noir ballads that made them so beloved in the first place. Returning to its core duo of Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel for the making of Six proved to be...

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  • belle-and-sebastian

    Belle and Sebastian in Hollywood Oct 3rd

    That’s right ladies and gentlemen, weapon favorites Belle and Sebastian (who we never write about cause there’s never anything new to say about them) will be in the area for a show at the palladium on October 3rd. STOKED! I’ve seen them three times – […]

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  • the-melvins-bride-screamed-murder-album-art

    Melvins Release New Album – Stupid Name, Good Tunes

    Let me just preface by saying it's late and I'm tired - I do dig the new Melvins track (see below) but haven't gotten my hands on a copy of the new album so I can't really say much about it, except for the name is super cheesey and I hate it. C'mon, really? The Bride Screamed Murder? Hopefully the tunes will cancel out the album name. Anyway, dig some words on the subject (my favorite of which is 'soul-crushing') that didn't come from my fingertips:

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  • dirty-heads-promo

    Stream The Dirty Heads “Any Port in a Storm” Out Today

    We like The Dirty Heads cause we think they kinda sound like Eminem if he made white-kid reggae. We also like ’em cause we like Sublime & Sublime’s new singer Rome, and he did that one track with them that’s like the only good song […]

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  • the dirty heads

    The Dirty Heads Release US Tour Dates and Perform “Lay Me Down” Live

    The Dirty Heads have emerged onto the music scene with their unique signature blend of acoustic infused hip-hop and classic reggae, creating the perfect soundtrack for an upbeat summer. The band's breakthrough single, "Lay Me Down" featuring Rome of Sublime With Rome, has become a top 10 single in a number of major markets across the country and has drawn comparisons to known musicians 311, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.

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  • heligoland-am

    Massive Attack Announce 2010 US Tour Dates

    Massive Attack have announced their first North American tour in four years, in support of their latest studio effort, Heligoland. The North American dates will kick off May 7th in Toronto, ON and will wrap a few weeks later at this year's Sasquatch Festival in George, WA. The duo will play 2 shows in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco with general on sale beginning March 5th.

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  • nada-surf-ifihifi

    Nada Surf Tour & Album Of Cover Songs

    Nada Surf bring their trademark sense of harmony and musical craftsmanship to 12 of their favorite songs with their latest release, if i had a hi-fi, their first album of covers. Only a group with their wide-ranging and eclectic taste could bring songs from such artists as Kate Bush, Dwight Twilley and the Go-Betweens together into a coherent, intelligent record. hi-fi also includes some intriguingly obscure numbers like Spanish band Mecromina's "Evolution" and Bill Fox's power-pop "Electrocution."

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  • neil-hamburger

    The Funniest Man In America: Neil Hamburger

    He has a few records out but a couple years ago he put one called Neil Hamburger Sings Country Winners and it's basicaly the funniest thing ever. Los Angeles (and other parts of the country), Neil Hamburger will be performing at Spaceland on November 29th, and he'll be doing some comedy stuff, also at Spaceland, on October 25th. I'm tired so I'm gonna go to sleep now (yes at 9:45pm on a Saturday) - but dig all this other stuff....

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  • sing fang buos


    At the beginning there was an atmosphere of breaking up. Whereas on the one hand face and body of his band Seabear (whose debut was released on Morr Music in August 2007) gained their outlines more clearly, there remained a deliberately left open game with the sounds on the other hand. The name for this game was soon found: Sin Fang Bous

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