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  • mouths-cradle-next-big-thing

    Band To Watch: Mouth’s Cradle

    So if you’ve been following the weapon for longer than 6 months then you probably know how stoked I get when someone sends me REALLY GOOD music. And you’ve also probably noticed that I lag like a bitch when it comes to posting sometimes. So […]

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  • warpaint-exquisite-corpse-cover

    Warpaint – ‘Elephants’ Video, Tour With Akron/Family

    We at the weapon definitely dig Warpaint, and we're also pretty stoked to hear that we're gonna get to see 'em with Yeasayer next month. The rest of the country gets 'em with Akron/Family which ain't too shabby, either. Dig some tunes and videos and

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  • beach-house-teen-dream-6071

    Old News is Good News: New Beach House & New Yeasayer in 2010

    You've all heard both of these songs already, and we probably woulda posted them ages ago had it not been for STUPID *****host breaking our FREAKING servers every other day. Thanks a lot, hosting service, for sucking ass and making us fall behind on like, everything. Ugh. Anyway, Beach House and Yeasayer are 2 of our very favorite current artists here at the weapon and they're both gearing up for new releases in early 2010. STOKED!

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  • yeasayer141107_W


    Yeasayer have confirmed details about their second album release; the follow-up to their highly acclaimed 2007 debut 'All Hour Cymbals'. The new record is called Odd Blood and will be released on February 8th of 2010. STOKED. Hope it's as good as the last one was. Yeasayer are also set to play a special show, headlining New York's Guggenheim Museum on October 30. "Special Show" huh? Wonder WTF they mean by that.

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  • mixtape-six

    Monday – Mixtape #6

    1. The Fall – Totally Wired 2. A Certain Ratio – Do The Du (John Peel Session, 1979) 3. Talking Heads – Life During Wartime 4. Rumspringa – Goldmine 5. Black Mountain – Stormy High 6. Fat Boys – Fat Boys Scratch 7. Pere Ubu […]

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  • summer1-150x150

    Free Flowing Hydrants and Tunes: A Week or so of Free Shows in NYC

    I know it's already August and it has officially been summer in New York City for at least a month, but the summer is so full of stuff to do in this town that "summer" still seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. If you don't mind humidity that would make even a stoker blush, then you can find your way to tons of free and cheep happenings in all 5 of the Burroughs. Even on Staten Island.

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  • Yeasayer in LA this week

    Yeasayer in L.A. this week

    I never expect anything new to be even borderline decent, so when c4 threw up that Free Blood post and included a track from Yeasayer on the end, I didn't expect to dig it as much as I did. Yeasayer is Anand Wilder, Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, Luke Fasano, and they are definitely more than decent. They make like, what Bollywood and Tinariwen would've collaboratively contributed to new wave

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  • free-blood-coachella

    You can have some Free Blood, but only if you don’t have Coachella tickets.

    What's up with all the boy/girl robot duos that (as of last night) have begun to invade Southern California? It's strange because I'm not usually a fan of this crap, but I think I hear a new one every day, and not one of them has been bad. I can't help but think that my judgement is impaired, or this music is really easy to make. Regardless, they are spouting

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