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  • purtneers-dayold

    Pork Rinds, Whiskey, and Leadbelly Covers

    So in Illinois I was living at this house where there were shows once or twice a month, that everyone called The Day Old Basement. Whether or not there was a good band on the bill was kind of hit or miss, and the last thing I expected of a bluegrass trio from Moline, IL was for them to totally rule. They call themselves The Purtneers had a very reserved demeanor (until they got on stage), and their myspace page boasts an extremely modest description of how awesome they really are:

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  • nofx04

    NOFX Schedule Shows in LA, and I’m Totally Gonna Go

    I don't care how stupid it sounds or how elitist you're gonna be about this, but dude, I fucking love NOFX. If I was gonna be stuck on an island for the rest of my life and could only bring ONE record, it would absolutely, HANDS DOWN and without hesitation, be Punk in Drublic.

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  • bad-brains

    Bad Brains – No Longer Banned in DC

    On November 4, 2008 - which will be a momentous Election Day - Bad Brains will revisit their own history at DC's 930 Club. I guess they're no longer "Banned in DC" hmm? Ba dum ch! (In 1979 the Brains were the subject of an "unofficial ban" by nearly every venue in the city.)

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  • part time punks festival 2008 - flyer

    A Certain Ratio Confirmed for Part Time Punks Fest

    Sorry I forgot to give you guys the skinny on this all weekend long - I was busy on the red carpet at the 2008 Scream Awards, interviewing Gerard Way, snapping pics of Billy Corgan, Marilyn Mason, and Twiggy, and watching the Smashing Pumpkins play. I'm sure you understand. But on Friday as I was leaving work

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  • Ian Mackaye - Photo credit: Pat Graham

    Ian Mackaye Wants to Talk. To you. Next week.

    Ian Mackaye. What to say about Ian Mackaye. THERE'S SO MUCH. Damnit. I was lucky enough to be in the car when Mackaye was guesthosting one of Henry Rollins' radio shows a few months ago, and jesus, dude, I still can't get over how cool BOTH of those dudes are. What's with DC, man? It spawns shit and it spawns awesome.

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  • Jerry lee Lewis

    Flashback Friday: Jerry Lee Lewis – A Whole Lotta Shakin IS STILL Goin’ On

    As demonstrated in the following totally epic slice of rock and roll history, it doesn't, and probably won't EVER, get much crazier than Jerry fucking Lee Lewis. Exhibit A - This Video:

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  • Black Holes - Little Jinder Remix

    BEATMASTERS: Black Holes Remixes

    In the interest of catering to all audiences until we decide exactly what we're gonna do around these parts, the weapon decides to bring you another Fantastic Pick in the realm of electronic tunes. Black Holes are another electronic duo, whom some may refer to as "DJ's", and others might call "artists"

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  • The Fat Boys - One Dead, Two Still Fat

    Daily Bummer: Fat Boys – One Dead, Two Still Fat

    As reported by wooha.com - The two surviving members of the Fat Boys, Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock-Ski recently announced they are planning a reunion that would include an album, tour and reality show. Although third member Buffy passed away in 1995, the two surviving members are set to show the world the new Fat Boys.

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  • Magazine - Real Life - Album Art

    Magazine Release Peel Sessions in November

    Manchester-based post-punk group Magazine have announced the U.S. release of a 17-track compilation of tracks recorded on John Peel's BBC 1 radio show. The gem of songs, recorded between 1978 and 1981, is set to drop in the land of the free (hah) on November 25th. In most cases I really could care less about a Peel Sessions release vs. a regular release - exceptions being Family Fodder, Joy Division, and This Heat - but

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  • Depeche Mode Tour 2009

    Depeche Mode World Tour & New Album – 2009

    If I had to pick a label to give a best of 2008 award to, It'd probably be a toss up between Mute and 4AD, with Matador, In the Red, and XL recordings trailing closely behind them. Latest from Mute Records: upcoming release from legendary new wavers Depeche Mode, and tour dates in 2009. EPIC.

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