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    Zed’s Dead Remixes – Sublime, Rolling Stones, Radiohead [MP3]

    It’s been a while since yall heard from me. I apologize. I’m gonna keep this one real short and to the point. Zed’s Dead is a dubstep production duo from Canada. Their song “1975” is currently climbing the hype machine charts and was featured in […]

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    Stream The Dirty Heads “Any Port in a Storm” Out Today

    We like The Dirty Heads cause we think they kinda sound like Eminem if he made white-kid reggae. We also like ’em cause we like Sublime & Sublime’s new singer Rome, and he did that one track with them that’s like the only good song […]

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  • the dirty heads

    The Dirty Heads Release US Tour Dates and Perform “Lay Me Down” Live

    The Dirty Heads have emerged onto the music scene with their unique signature blend of acoustic infused hip-hop and classic reggae, creating the perfect soundtrack for an upbeat summer. The band's breakthrough single, "Lay Me Down" featuring Rome of Sublime With Rome, has become a top 10 single in a number of major markets across the country and has drawn comparisons to known musicians 311, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.

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  • 3459

    Cover songs mixtape – Halloween 2009

    The search for a new mixtape service (among other things) continues. works, but it’s not the greatest. Enter, which ALMOST does the job, but I sorta hate the way it looks. Anyway, this playlist isn’t full of Halloween songs – just covers. You […]

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  • Smokeout 2009 Logo

    Sublime Reunion (Again) – at Smokeout 2009

    Bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh are hitting the stage as Sublime, just like they did in February - only, now everyone knows about it so FANS will actually get to go. The show is part of Cypress Hill's Smokeout, and while Sublime might get the most attention, the lineup includes a ton of your favorites. Scheduled to hit the stage on Oct. 23 and 24 are...

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  • Owl City

    3 Songs I Kinda Love (By 3 Artists I Really Don’t)

    Let me preface by saying I have not heard any songs by any of these artists except for the ones posted below. I kinda feel like the rest of them will probably suck, so at the risk of losing esteem for the presented tracks, I think I'll choose to remain ignorant.

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    Sublime Reunion (with new singer, duh) – and it’s pretty damn good

    I'm not REALLY sure how old this info is - the videos go back to October of 08, but I hadn't heard word one about Sublime reuniting until I got back to LA - that was only a month ago. I want tour dates, bitches. I don't even care if it's with a new singer. Which it'd obviously have to be, unless they figured out a way to channel spirits or something.

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  • riddim

    Monday Mixtape #7 – Four Days Late

    I’ve been so busy lately I barely have time to sleep – sorry for neglecting you once again. Things’ll get back on track when I get back from Chicago in November. For now, dig my super rad half joke but mostly serious reggae/ska/rocksteady/modern guilty pleasures […]

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