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    Cover songs mixtape – Halloween 2009

    The search for a new mixtape service (among other things) continues. works, but it’s not the greatest. Enter, which ALMOST does the job, but I sorta hate the way it looks. Anyway, this playlist isn’t full of Halloween songs – just covers. You […]

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  • svenonius

    Best Interview Ever: Ian Svenonius Interviews Steve Albini on Soft Focus

    Steve Albini is responsible for fronting the most caustic and, depending on whether or not you have a sense of humor, either hilarious or upsetting bands of the mid- to late-80s (Big Black), that weird sort of late-80s to 90s spur period (Rapeman), and the 90s proper (Shellac), as well as producing more albums by more bands than we’re sure even he can keep track of.

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  • leonard-cohen-live-london

    Thank You Leonard Cohen

    Something good happened today. I saw Leonard Cohen's Live in London performance of Suzanne on KOCE and I remembered that I love music. I also remembered that I once had a pretty good website about it. I'm sorry I've neglected you for so many months, Weapon!! I'm back, and promise to throw something your way at least 3 times a week, starting now:

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    sunday morning mixtape


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  • Mark E Smith - Squirrel Massacre

    All things lead to Steve Albini: or, the Mark E. Smith Squirrel Massacre

    Mark E. Smith (The Fall) is 51 years old and still punk as fuck. I saw The Fall like 6 years ago at the Knitting Factory with Midget Handjob (ex Misguided Youth, Clawhammer, Circle Jerks, etc. etc. etc.) and it totally sucked. That's right, I said it. But I won't dispute the claim that the prune is still a total bad-ass. He made the band (whose members probably went to

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  • bigblacksafcover

    Where The Hell Do You Think You’re Going, Steve Albini?

    I'm just not sure if I say it enough. Actually, I'll take that back--I'm totally sure that I DO NOT say it enough--Steve Albini, I love you, I love Rapeman, I love Big Black, and I love Shellac. Seriously this man writes like the most bitter, petty, cathartic, and universally comprehensible lyrics I can think of. He thinks the same psychotic, homicidal thoughts that you do when you find out

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