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    So I'm TOTALLY bummed that I dropped the ball on every single chance I had to see Throbbing Gristle while they were here. But thanks to my obsessive combing of the interwebz and some good friends, I managed to peep some awesomeness in real time AND find enough resources to quench my thirst for the gristle. Check it:

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    GALLERY: Treasure Island Day 2 – Spiritualized, Fleet Foxes, etc.

    All photos by Christopher Gehres for Fantastic Weapon.

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  • The Damned Tour Dates 2008

    The Damned – 2008 Tour Dates

    Fun fact about yours truly: when I was 16 I was in a car with a bunch of people who were way older than I was, and knew way more about music than I did, and somehow we got on the subject of punk - I was probably trying to find some music we would all agree on - so I put on a compilation CD I'd gotten in Finland when I was like 12, and skipped to track 2 - New Rose, by The Damned.

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    GALLERY: Treasure Island Music Festival

    Considering the fact that I didn't go to last weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival in San Fracisco, and the pope won't be contributing as often as we'd all like him to, I can't do much in the way of a review. However, I did speak with him about it and he really only had one thing to say: it was boring! I'm telling you, man, he shoulda taken ecstasy and gelled during Amon Tobin's set. Boring woulda been the furthest thing from his gooey brain.

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  • The Mountain Goats

    Fall 2008 Tour Dates – The Mountain Goats

    I'm actually not really sure how long ago these dates were announced - likely ages ago, considering how out of the freaking loop I am, but I don't care because I love this band so if it's already been drilled into your brain, then I'll do some more drilling. I repeat: I love this band. That's not an easy thing to say about many bands, but I LOVE this band

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  • killian

    Action Kylie – By Kyle Killian

    Kevin Killian's long awaited collection of poems, Action Kylie, is out! "Kylie Minogue, more than muse, is K. K.'s aesthetic m.o., his ammo. Around her name and image, he circulates the particles of his own uncanny idiom, which is unlike anything in contemporary American poetry. Killian works every instrument in the band; he sneaks up behind meaning, and makes it sing.

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  • Treasure Island Flier 2008

    Treasure Island Music Fest: Sept 20 & Sept 21

    Dust off your dancing shoes and stretch the fuck out 'cause this weekend is gonna be crazy at the Treasure Island Music Festival!!!! When I first moved to San Francisco and I was a broke ass college student, I lived on Treasure Island. We used to have awesome ravey dance parties on the rocks along the bay at like 7am after long nights of heavy drinking and drug use

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  • nomy

    The Pope Interviews Nomy Lamm

    Whenever Nomy Lamm isn't making music, she says she's playing Guitar Hero. Onstage at the El Rio, she said, "I'm really good at Guitar Hero and I almost brought that instead." Nomy has taken up a lot space on my Ipod lately, her music is anarchistic, witty, self indulgent, riot grrl, political, jewish, she takes on and claims controversial topics, shes awesome, fantastic, ect. She's been a Punk

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  • broken-social-scene

    Outside Lands 2008 Round-Up: Sunday, August 24th

    Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, is the diva to be paying attention to right now. The Dap Kings jammed a good ten minutes before she finally offered her divine presence to the audience. Whatever, the Dap Kings made me feel like I was in some sleazy Vegas bar in the

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  • SAN FRANCISCO - AUGUST 23:  Singer Tom Petty of Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

    Nellie McKay on Carbon Footprints, and the Rest of Outside Lands, Saturday August 23rd

    I’ve seen the Liars multiple times so seeing them again didn’t overly excite me; I ordered a delicious vegan salad with ginger lemonade and sat in the back. Their polished sound drew quite a crowd, their long opening intro spaced me the fuck out

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