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    Zed’s Dead Remixes – Sublime, Rolling Stones, Radiohead [MP3]

    It’s been a while since yall heard from me. I apologize. I’m gonna keep this one real short and to the point. Zed’s Dead is a dubstep production duo from Canada. Their song “1975” is currently climbing the hype machine charts and was featured in […]

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  • blocpartyb-sides

    Bloc Party Is Still In The City

    When Kele Okereke isn't getting beat up or running his mouth he has this band called Bloc Party that he records music with. The band's newest album, "Intimacy" dropped late last week. Three days before that, no one even knew it existed.

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  • Black Mountain at Outside Lands

    Outside Lands Day One – Friday, August 22nd

    Outside Lands Music Festival put on the first nighttime event Golden Gate Park has seen in over 30 years. The park is a pivotal site in rock n roll history and thankfully the festival helped prove that the park still knows how to party. I started the festival off by checking

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  • outside-lands1

    Outside Lands Music Festival

    After a long weekend at the Coachella Festival a few years back, I got on my knees and prayed to the RICH that they would create a festival with an equally amazing line up but in a climate conducive to large crowds and excessive partying. Thankfully, the RICH answer prayers because this summer, AUGUST 22nd thru AUGUST 24th, Outside Lands is throwing the party of the summer in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

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  • no-age

    NO AGE Cover Bjork Classic

    That's right bitches, Radiohead favorites (I can't find the photo of Thom Yorke in the No Age Tshirt!) and Los Angeles natives No Age have released into the wild their cover of Bjork's 'It's Oh So Quiet'. I can remember when I was 15, driving upto San Bernardino to see Pink at the Orange Blossom Festival, and listening to Post in the car all the way from Long Beach. There

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  • prince

    Upcoming, as of yet still Untitled Autolux Release (and two old songs)

    When Trent Reznor followed Radiohead's lead and released his latest album online at pay-whatever rates, it nearly topped his past announcement that Autolux would support NIN's fall '05 tour. Some serious respect for Mr. Reznor is due, regardless of how his new album sounds.

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  • road trip music for babies

    Road Trip Music For Babies

    I suggest that you somehow obtain these 10 tracks (7 of which are provided by yours truly) and burn them onto a CD/put the playlist on your ipod just in case you ever have to drive anywhere for more than an hour with a child under 3 years old. Nevermind some of the inappropriate lyrics because the kid won't know the difference and your only alternative is to have the

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