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    Thursday 10.08.09: MR. GREEN ALL STARS (HR – Bad Brains, ROCKY GEORGE – Suicidal Tendencies, NORWOOD FISHER – Fishbone, THE SCIENTIST) @ echoplex

    This is a fucking super group if I've ever heard of one. The band consists of HR from Bad Brains, Norwood Fisher of Fishbone on bass, Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies on guitar, and DH Peligro of Dead Kennedys on drums. I'm serious. I know. You HAVE to see this. Mr. Green All Stars will launch a world tour this fall - it starts in at the Echoplex. Officially, Mr. Green's All-Stars describe themselves as "misfits of the world who believe in freedom of expression—no matter what the cost.” Check out the video below and listen to some of the tunes on their myspace before you judge. It's pretty freaking good, dude.

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  • nofx-coaster-album-cover

    Preview New NOFX Album

    That's right bitches, new NOFX. "Coaster" has a scheduled release date of 4/28/2009, but you can listen to "Coaster" in it's entirety at

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  • Fired

    We Got To Move These Refrigerators – The “Fuck A Job” Playlist

    If You Must Know, Here’s Where I’ve Been For The Past 3 Weeks: 1. Visiting a friend in Macomb, IL: 2. Promoting the crap out of Buzznet’s first Big Story. It was about Twilight. You can find it here: THE BIG STORY: Twilight 3. And […]

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  • nofx04

    NOFX Schedule Shows in LA, and I’m Totally Gonna Go

    I don't care how stupid it sounds or how elitist you're gonna be about this, but dude, I fucking love NOFX. If I was gonna be stuck on an island for the rest of my life and could only bring ONE record, it would absolutely, HANDS DOWN and without hesitation, be Punk in Drublic.

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  • The Damned Tour Dates 2008

    The Damned – 2008 Tour Dates

    Fun fact about yours truly: when I was 16 I was in a car with a bunch of people who were way older than I was, and knew way more about music than I did, and somehow we got on the subject of punk - I was probably trying to find some music we would all agree on - so I put on a compilation CD I'd gotten in Finland when I was like 12, and skipped to track 2 - New Rose, by The Damned.

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  • Johnny Rotten - Now and Then

    Johnny Rotten Proves He’s Still Punk By Having His Friends Beat Up The Dude From Bloc Party

    The 50+ year old punk rocker apparently caused a bit of a "racial scrap" at the Summercase Festival in Barcelona on Saturday. Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke was attacked by the punker's entourage and suffered "facial cuts and bruises", provoked by simply asking Lydon if he'd ever consider getting kinda whack, post-punk outfit P.I.L. back together.

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  • sid-nancy

    “Sid Vicious is a spoiled brat and his girlfriend is an asshole.”

    Highlights: "My IQ is 172 for your information. I graduated High School when I was fifteen years old." "I wanna be more freak than I am. So how can I ever get into it real deep?"

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  • Mark E Smith - Squirrel Massacre

    All things lead to Steve Albini: or, the Mark E. Smith Squirrel Massacre

    Mark E. Smith (The Fall) is 51 years old and still punk as fuck. I saw The Fall like 6 years ago at the Knitting Factory with Midget Handjob (ex Misguided Youth, Clawhammer, Circle Jerks, etc. etc. etc.) and it totally sucked. That's right, I said it. But I won't dispute the claim that the prune is still a total bad-ass. He made the band (whose members probably went to

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  • sebastien tellier and half daft

    The Divine: Sebastien Tellier and a Human Fly (MP3)

    Alright dude, I'm sorry, I was checking out the new Sebastien Tellier stuff (Sexuality, which both sounds and looks like a mediocre Tangerine Dream release: and I guess that might be the point, which was a little strange to me because the tiny bits and pieces of his earlier stuff I've heard, I remember really, really liking. Maybe I'm just tired...I don't know but I wasn't very impressed by it

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  • dead-moon

    Dead Moon, Goodnight!

    So I've noticed that the past few days have been rather beat-heavy over here at the weapon, and I thought it only appropriate that since I'm awake when I shouldn't be (job interview in the morning), and I made this observation while I should've been sleeping, I should also remedy it during the same forbidden time frame. So here's the deal: I'll admit that I googled myself a few minutes

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