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  • bad-brains

    Bad Brains – No Longer Banned in DC

    On November 4, 2008 - which will be a momentous Election Day - Bad Brains will revisit their own history at DC's 930 Club. I guess they're no longer "Banned in DC" hmm? Ba dum ch! (In 1979 the Brains were the subject of an "unofficial ban" by nearly every venue in the city.)

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  • part time punks festival 2008 - flyer

    A Certain Ratio Confirmed for Part Time Punks Fest

    Sorry I forgot to give you guys the skinny on this all weekend long - I was busy on the red carpet at the 2008 Scream Awards, interviewing Gerard Way, snapping pics of Billy Corgan, Marilyn Mason, and Twiggy, and watching the Smashing Pumpkins play. I'm sure you understand. But on Friday as I was leaving work

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  • mixtape-six

    Monday – Mixtape #6

    1. The Fall – Totally Wired 2. A Certain Ratio – Do The Du (John Peel Session, 1979) 3. Talking Heads – Life During Wartime 4. Rumspringa – Goldmine 5. Black Mountain – Stormy High 6. Fat Boys – Fat Boys Scratch 7. Pere Ubu […]

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  • Ian Mackaye - Photo credit: Pat Graham

    Ian Mackaye Wants to Talk. To you. Next week.

    Ian Mackaye. What to say about Ian Mackaye. THERE'S SO MUCH. Damnit. I was lucky enough to be in the car when Mackaye was guesthosting one of Henry Rollins' radio shows a few months ago, and jesus, dude, I still can't get over how cool BOTH of those dudes are. What's with DC, man? It spawns shit and it spawns awesome.

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  • image

    Sunday Morning Mixtape #4

    It’s been a while, dudes. Check out the sweet new theme we got goin on, and all the other stuff too. The big header with all the stuff on it had to disappear for a few minutes cause I couldn’t figure out how to make […]

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  • image

    Sunday Morning Mixtape #3

    1. Nirvana – Sappy 2. John Maus – Just Wait Till Next Year 3. Captain Beefheart – Lick My Decals Off Baby 4. Pulp – Can I Have My Balls Back, Please? 5. The Rolling Stones – She’s a Rainbow 6. The Modern Lovers – […]

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  • Johnny Rotten - Now and Then

    Johnny Rotten Proves He’s Still Punk By Having His Friends Beat Up The Dude From Bloc Party

    The 50+ year old punk rocker apparently caused a bit of a "racial scrap" at the Summercase Festival in Barcelona on Saturday. Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke was attacked by the punker's entourage and suffered "facial cuts and bruises", provoked by simply asking Lydon if he'd ever consider getting kinda whack, post-punk outfit P.I.L. back together.

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  • sid-nancy

    “Sid Vicious is a spoiled brat and his girlfriend is an asshole.”

    Highlights: "My IQ is 172 for your information. I graduated High School when I was fifteen years old." "I wanna be more freak than I am. So how can I ever get into it real deep?"

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  • New Stuff from Wire

    New Stuff from Wire

    First thing's first: credit is given where credit is due. Now have you guys heard it? Cause I listened to it for a second but I think I was just so excited that the news was posted on Buzznet (who've recently launched 2 pretty decent genre blogs you all should know about: Pressed For Sound and Metal Monarchy) that I forgot to be analytical about it.

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  • Suicide Outside CBGB's

    Suicide Documentary Currently in Production

    Like three years ago when I was in college I took this class called "New York City Punk 1975-1980" and I got to write a 12 paged paper on Suicide. It came out pretty well but I'll be damned if it wasn't a total bitch, dude. There were literally NO books about them so I got to do all this crazy independent research and came up on ancient copies of

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