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  • Billy MacKenzie of The Associates

    FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Associates – Club Country

    The Associates released 'Club Country' on April 26th 1982, which appeared on their third album, Sulk. The B side was a non-LP track. The 12 inch version added "Ulcragyceptemol" (added as a bonus to Sulk when it was re-released) and a remixed version of "Club Country". The single reached the #10 spot on the U.K. singles chart.

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  • the-jesus-lizard

    The Jesus Lizard in LA – October 2009

    Dude, The Jesus Lizard are touring again! I mean, obviously they've already played Pitchfork fest and a couple other shows but that's all the way over THERE and I'm all the way over HERE. Howcome I'm always like, the LAST to find out everything? You wanna see the reason I'm so stoked??? (Among other things) It's (mostly) cause of this right here:

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  • Magazine - Real Life - Album Art

    Magazine Release Peel Sessions in November

    Manchester-based post-punk group Magazine have announced the U.S. release of a 17-track compilation of tracks recorded on John Peel's BBC 1 radio show. The gem of songs, recorded between 1978 and 1981, is set to drop in the land of the free (hah) on November 25th. In most cases I really could care less about a Peel Sessions release vs. a regular release - exceptions being Family Fodder, Joy Division, and This Heat - but

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  • kidtwist

    Static Noise and Icelandic Blow Jobs – Kid Twist

    The good people of Iceland have proven time again they know how to produce breathtaking experimental, raucous, and avant-garde sounds. Kid Twist is a must-hear and definitely a must-watch, up-and-coming band and they are tearing up record studios in Iceland right now. Their music is noisy, static-ridden, angry, dark, and brooding surf-rock that makes me want to smoke way to many cigarettes and punch holes in my wall.

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    Teenage Jesus and The Jerks Schedule 2 NYC Shows

    Legendary no-wavers Teenage Jesus & the Jerks have scheduled 2 concerts at the [New York] Knitting Factory in June. The lineup will include miss Lydia Lunch, Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds), and an "unnamed" bass player. The band's reunion was prompted by and deliberately coincides with the release of a book about the no wave scene, (appropriately) titled No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980. No Wave

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  • Instant Automatons Discography Available for Download

    Instant Automatons Discography Available for Download

    So I think Henry Rollins is a genius, and if you read The Orphan Review, you've undoubtedly heard me gush over the man on several occasions. How do the Instant Automatons provide me with another occasion on which to do so? A few months ago I was listening to Henry Rollins' radio show (Harmony in My Head), and he played a track from the Instant Automatons. I was sure it

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