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    Sunday Afternoon Mixtape #5

    So I totally failed at the My Bloody Valentine tracks because I completely forgot to get the mp3 recorder from the car before I left for the show – sorry. Hey did that show piss off anyone else? I was so irritated by the fact […]

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  • sisters-1990

    The Sisters of Mercy Schedule Tour Dates

    Everyone's favorite sisters have scheduled 6 live shows in November - the first since 2006, I think. Unfortunately all shows will be at the House of Blues, but still - The Sisters of Mercy?! Are you kidding?!?! In the words of my roommate, "Do you think this means Andrew will wear Mickey Mouse ears?! Oh, lordy lordy lordy... I think this is one of those signs the world is ending.. Like soon."

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    Portishead Overload

    Sure, I was excited at the thought of a new Portishead release. But it was going to take more than a record for me to believe they were really back. The new album (Third, released yesterday in the states) was merely a declaration of Portishead‘s […]

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    Stream New Portishead Now on Last.fm

    Thanks to last.fm you can now stream "Third" in its entirety, which you should probably do, because it's a pretty good release and I didn't realize so many of you hadn't already heard it. If you're still unaware, and the contest is still going on, L.A. listeners can win 2 tickets from Buzznet.com to a private, pre-Coachella Portishead rehearsal. The ehearsal takes place on 4/24 (that's THIS Thursday) so get on

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  • Portishead - Third Album Cover

    New Portishead [Video] ‘Machine Gun’ and [MP3] ‘The Rip’

    I was so overly excited to hear the new Portishead record, Third, which is scheduled for release on April 29th in the US, that I jumped the gun and figured out how to download the whole thing for free. Two weeks ago. I KNOW, I'M SORRY! I kinda feel like I ruined Christmas or something, BUT I JUST COULDN'T WAIT. And you know what? I wish I had, because I

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    APHEX TWIN and GOLDFRAPP added to Coachella 2008 Lineup!

    Just announced on Tuesday, March 11th: Aphex Twin and Goldfrapp have been added to this year's already stellar Coachella lineup! Aphex Twin is a big deal, mainly because he's completely out of his mind and I pretty much figured he'd never perform in the states again. Other artists that can't be missed: Portishead, My Morning Jacket, & Love and Rockets (to name a few). There are too many must-sees to

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