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    Yeasayer have confirmed details about their second album release; the follow-up to their highly acclaimed 2007 debut 'All Hour Cymbals'. The new record is called Odd Blood and will be released on February 8th of 2010. STOKED. Hope it's as good as the last one was. Yeasayer are also set to play a special show, headlining New York's Guggenheim Museum on October 30. "Special Show" huh? Wonder WTF they mean by that.

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  • quinn-walker-bones

    Quinn Walker or some suckers or something. Listen up!

    I'm so totally stoked right now cause I haven't been into ANYTHING AT ALL and it has been HORRIFIC. I've barely even been able to crank out a really shitty post about some even shittier tunes in like almost a month. So let me start by thanking you, Quinn Walker. I dig your style. And it was really hard to choose a photo from your myspace profile because there are SO FUCKING MANY and they're all like, either really, really awkward or make you look like that Shifty dude from Celebrity Rehab.

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  • Seaport Apartment

    East Villiage Radio Festival – Boris

    Thank God for Boris. Hearing this band play live makes my bones vibrate in exactly the right way. Boris is from Japan, and they're just getting ready to set out on tour with Nine Inch Nails. These guys make some tunes that are hard to pigeonhole. Their style swings violently from mood to mood, stopping to play around with sounds of metal, drone, shoegaze, punk, and very loud psychedelic rock.

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  • seaport-apartment-012

    East Village Radio Festival – High Places

    High Places hail from Brooklyn and this was my third time seeing them. The band's sound is full of lovely contradictions. They write music that feels like summertime - and not that loud beach party sort of summertime, but more like a summer you've had and remember. To me, summer has always seemed distant - even in July.

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  • genesis

    New Psychic TV Album

    Sorry I've been away, kids, but I've been striving to make some extra cash so I can go to a party in New York commemorating the upcoming release of a new Psychic TV album, "Mr. Alien Brain vs The Skinwalkers." The party is on November 9th at Club Europa in Brooklyn, and it's slated to be their only US performance in the near future. Do blame them? America has

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  • ebonybones-pic

    Ebony Bones Makes New York Dance!

    This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the very last of the free and fabulous JellyNYC McCarren Park Pool Parties - an event that served not only as a wonderful goodbye show, but also as a fundraiser for the Obama Campaign. I'd heard and dug Titus Andronicus (not the gruesome Shakespeare play, but the band from New Jersey) when they opened up for Los Campesinos!

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  • Vivian Girls Live at Vassar College 5/1

    Vivian Girls : Brooklyn’s Darger Darlings

    Though they take their name from the little girl heroes of Outsider artist Henry Darger's 19,000+ paged literary epic, The Story of the Vivian Girls in what is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, these Vivian Girls don't sport tiny penises or butterfly wings. They do however, play music. Damn fine music.

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    Free Flowing Hydrants and Tunes: A Week or so of Free Shows in NYC

    I know it's already August and it has officially been summer in New York City for at least a month, but the summer is so full of stuff to do in this town that "summer" still seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. If you don't mind humidity that would make even a stoker blush, then you can find your way to tons of free and cheep happenings in all 5 of the Burroughs. Even on Staten Island.

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  • oie_royal-blue-velvet

    Blue Velvet, Velvet Goldmine, and some crap about Liza Minnelli

    Unfortunately, tonight we are all missing out: Liza Minnelli is singing a bunch of songs we know but desperately try to pretend that we don't know, for free, tonight, on the island of carnivals (a.k.a. the soon to be closed for re-development Coney Island). If the thought of riding the Cyclone while eating a Nathan's Hot Dog and listening to "The Trolley Song" isn't enough to make you barf all over your keyboard, maybe this will: CLICK IF YOU DARE.

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  • sid-nancy

    “Sid Vicious is a spoiled brat and his girlfriend is an asshole.”

    Highlights: "My IQ is 172 for your information. I graduated High School when I was fifteen years old." "I wanna be more freak than I am. So how can I ever get into it real deep?"

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