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  • mixtape

    Sunday Mixtape is back!

    Mixwit has been dead for some time now, and today I spent like 3 hours trying to make it work on my server - unfortunately, it was to no avail. Enter Mixes can only be 8 songs long, they play in random order, and don't look like tapes at all, but they'll serve the purpose until I find one as cool as mixwit was - anybody have any suggestions/know how to fix it??!?! Please lemme know!

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  • throbbing-gristle

    Throbbing Gristle LA Show Confirmed

    Psychic TV is my favorite band ever, so you can imagine how please I am to announce that

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  • picture-4

    Sunday Afternoon Mixtape #5

    So I totally failed at the My Bloody Valentine tracks because I completely forgot to get the mp3 recorder from the car before I left for the show – sorry. Hey did that show piss off anyone else? I was so irritated by the fact […]

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  • My Bloody Valentine Show Los Angeles 10/02/2008

    Kevin Shields to Guest DJ at Bar Chloe Tonight

    So things finally managed to work themselves out and I will NOT be missing MBV while they're in town. I"ve been anticipating this shit since like November of last year, when I used to be real up on everything, checking my feeds like 50 times a day and all that good stuff. To tell you the truth, I dono how I did it. Now I can't even be bothered to

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  • image

    Sunday Morning Mixtape #4

    It’s been a while, dudes. Check out the sweet new theme we got goin on, and all the other stuff too. The big header with all the stuff on it had to disappear for a few minutes cause I couldn’t figure out how to make […]

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  • 20jfgrts

    Throbbing Gristle Announce Live Dates in 2008, with Expert Non-chalance

    No, Expert non-chalance isn't a fucking band, douchebags. It's the air that surround the Throbbing Gristle myspace bulletin announcing two confirmed live Throbbing Gristle dates within the next month. I'm not fucking kidding. Just to prove it, and because I'm addicted to them, I've decided to post a screenshot of said bulletin that made me want to rip out my hair and spit on stuff. Take a look:

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