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  • Depeche Mode Tour 2009

    Depeche Mode World Tour & New Album – 2009

    If I had to pick a label to give a best of 2008 award to, It'd probably be a toss up between Mute and 4AD, with Matador, In the Red, and XL recordings trailing closely behind them. Latest from Mute Records: upcoming release from legendary new wavers Depeche Mode, and tour dates in 2009. EPIC.

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  • shrek-retard

    Another New Track from the Reatarded Blog

    Truthfully, I'm not really sure if I even like Jay Reatard's music anymore - and in fact, I don't really know if I ever did. Even so, he has this music blog that I found a few months ago, where he posts exclusives and unreleased tracks. This post has another one of those at the bottom. I just happened to be home on a friday night and I logged into the fantastic weapon myspace to see what I could scrape up, and there it was.

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  • e04ebe64d0f85804f49985ad44dae45d

    Gettin’ Jicky with it

    Let me just say this now: I love Pavement. One my fondest memories is getting plastered with my buddy Gabe and singing Slanted and Enchanted in it's entirety... well, almost entirely, anyways. The cops came somewhere around 'Loretta's Scars'. Damn fine run though.

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  • Times New Viking is louder than Master of Puppets

    Times New Viking is louder than Master of Puppets

    The weapon has been posting a shit-load of Matador Records bands over the past couple days, but that's only cause they are real good. I'd much rather listen to Times New Viking, even though the name is super gay, than that Metallica 'master of puppets' shit any day. Plus I know they won't send me to prison for hosting these mp3's. Times New Viking is Hamish Kilgour, Mark Ibold, Brix

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  • Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

    Stephen Malkmus likes Capitalism

    When I read about the Stephen Malkmus TV interview, my first thought was that it was here (on that Daily Show FOX news rip-off I heard some jokes about last year), but the Red Eye (which airs at 3am) looks more like a FOX degenerate of the Henry Rollins Show, or like, Glenn Beck hosting the Henry Rollins show maybe. Hey. Screw Will Clark for not signing my glove on opening

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