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  • cunt-sparrer

    Cunt Sparrer – ‘Because You’re Young’

    So somebody sent me this a couple weeks ago and I've heard some mixed criticism - people either don't like this chick's voice, get pissed because they "destroyed" a Cock Sparrer song, or totally love it (like I do). I was having some drama and this shit kinda brought me to tears. Maybe it isn't as good as I think it is and I was just in a "mood" if you will - I've listened to it since then and I still kinda like it but I'm interested in your opinion. What do you think?

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  • party-weirdo-flyer

    PARTY WEIRDO Festival Saturday Nov. 14th

    Not really sure how I missed this one guys, considering the fact that I live like 2 miles away from where this shindig's gonna go down, and 2 or 3 of my friend's bands are playing. Better late than never though, hmm? If you don't have plans, now you do. Unless you're like me and you don't have 10 bucks to spend on it. So someone go, support the crew, be stoked that some awesome tunes are gonna be live within walking distance from your house - without the support of the city.

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  • picture-2

    Sublime Reunion (with new singer, duh) – and it’s pretty damn good

    I'm not REALLY sure how old this info is - the videos go back to October of 08, but I hadn't heard word one about Sublime reuniting until I got back to LA - that was only a month ago. I want tour dates, bitches. I don't even care if it's with a new singer. Which it'd obviously have to be, unless they figured out a way to channel spirits or something.

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  • beachwood sparks subpop photo

    Beachwood Sparks at Sunset Junction

    So while the pope is away at Outside Lands absorbing content to bring back to all of you, I will be bouncing around the Sunset Junction. It's the first year I haven't been out of town in stupid Arizona, and the first year I've been close enough to walk to the festival. It's also the first year that the Beachwood Sparks have graced the event with their presence. I'm stoked. I remember this one time when I was like 16 and gas was still less than 2 bucks a gallon, I drove from Orange County (yes... I am

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  • space-mountain

    Space Mountain – I Lost My Mind Inside A Cathoide Ray Tube

    I used to live with a bunch of dudes in Long Beach who make really amazing music, but they tend to stick to a single genre, so I was really surprised when I went back to the house after I'd moved out, walked in like I still lived there, and heard something new--and aurally phenomenal--coming from the downstairs bedroom. Turned out to be a new addition to the house - another Mike - doing what he does, alone in his room. I fell in LOVE with it. Dude was producing sounds that reminded me of all that was good about Ariel Pink, only way less accessible.

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  • somedays

    Band To Watch: Some Days

    Some Days have their work cut out for them--the 3 piece line-up consists of ex and current members of FM Bats, The Babes, Grand Elegance, Jail Weddings, The Clamour, More, and Methadone Kitty & The Daily Dose--which is definitely a resume worth bragging about. But the trio does not disappoint. 'Laundrette Demo' sounds like Family Fodder with, like, a dub-reggae twist that kind of reminds me of The Clash or

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  • Jay Reatard has a music blog. Here’s a new song:

    Jay Reatard has a music blog. Here’s a new song:

    That's right. He writes stuff. Besides music. Sort of. I was really just gonna post a bulletin about his show on March 31st at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock (with Mika Miko, Bad Parents, and free Dewars! which is whiskey. not a band), but when I went to his myspace page I followed a link from his blog (which read "gonna be posting lottsa random music here check it

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  • ProspectorRTX

    White Lips and Black Bananas: RTX, Tweak Bird, and Blow Up Blow Saturday at The Prospector

    LA Record presents:

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  • The Shadowmen

    FRIDAY: The Shadowmen on the Long Beach Rockit! Boat

    Cypress and Long Beach have brought you something that isn't like the normal crap they usually shit out. The Shadowmen are like the good stuff you used to see at shows when you were sixteen. Funny story: the drummer of this band totally made me feel like a douchebag pretty often when I was in 8th grade, cause like, he had a huge mohawk (or did he have three?) and I wasn't punk enough (I had no mohawks and bought all my patches at bionic at the same time). I probably deserved it and we're friends now so don't

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  • In Honor of My Fast & Apparently Reprehensible Driving Skills

    In Honor of My Fast & Apparently Reprehensible Driving Skills

    I shouldn't be allowed on the road. I'm not fucking kidding dudes. I mean, for a while I didn't get ANY tickets or get into ANY accidents, but since December I've managed to rack up 4 moving violations (all for different reasons, and all within the same 2 mile radius), smash up my front bumper, have it repaired, and then total my car, and put some totally undeniable damage on

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