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  • vanaprasta

    Band To Watch – Vanaprasta [INTERVIEW]

    Hi. I’m Steven. When C4 asked if I wanted to contribute to FW I had absolutely no idea what or who I’d write about. After I mulled it over for about a million years I decided I was over thinking it. A couple of months […]

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  • the dirty heads

    The Dirty Heads Release US Tour Dates and Perform “Lay Me Down” Live

    The Dirty Heads have emerged onto the music scene with their unique signature blend of acoustic infused hip-hop and classic reggae, creating the perfect soundtrack for an upbeat summer. The band's breakthrough single, "Lay Me Down" featuring Rome of Sublime With Rome, has become a top 10 single in a number of major markets across the country and has drawn comparisons to known musicians 311, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.

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  • 3472

    Norah Jones on Soundcheck Nov 15th

    I’m not really sure whether I’m all that into Norah Jones, but Sunday marks her return to Soundcheck. This time, she’s back to promote her upcoming record, “The Fall” which was co-written by the dude from Okkervil River and Ryan Adams, and which you can […]

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  • svenonius

    Best Interview Ever: Ian Svenonius Interviews Steve Albini on Soft Focus

    Steve Albini is responsible for fronting the most caustic and, depending on whether or not you have a sense of humor, either hilarious or upsetting bands of the mid- to late-80s (Big Black), that weird sort of late-80s to 90s spur period (Rapeman), and the 90s proper (Shellac), as well as producing more albums by more bands than we’re sure even he can keep track of.

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  • Shakira on Soundcheck 07

    Sneak Peek: Shakira on Soundcheck – September 28th

    Even though I'd say the readers of this blog are probably not interested in Shakira, the REMIX FAIL post got shit tons of traffic so some of you MUST be interested. Shakira stopped by Soundcheck a couple weeks ago and performed 3 tracks from her new release, "She-Wolf." The exclusive interviews and performance videos will be live on the soundcheck website on September 28th. Until then, here's some other stuff:

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  • 4

    Think You’re Ready for Lil Wayne’s ‘REBIRTH’?

    WTF is soundcheck? Soundcheck is an original performance series where you get up close and personal with your favorite artists. Check out live performances and behind-the-scenes footage from original in-studio sets – all filmed exclusively in HD. Log on to for headlining acts, noteworthy […]

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  • RISERS - Lady Gaga Soundcheck presented by Axe

    Lady Gaga on Perfection and Poker Face

    The pop world’s next big thing, Lady Gaga hits the Risers stage with an exclusive interview to discus her influences, the art of music and how she’s fulfilling her destiny. And she's totally got some insane hair to go along with it. Truth be told, I'm not too into her sound, but I am damn jealous that she's only 22, already has 2 Billboard hits, and isn't even REALLY all that talented. I guess she plays with like, Miley Cyrus, and the Pussycat Dolls. I'd say "sucks for her" but she's probably made

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