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  • Hot Hot Heat Readies New Album, Releases Two New Jams

    Hot Hot Heat Readies New Album, Releases Two New Jams

    Hot Hot Heat is an interesting band. It appears that, over the years, they’ve become one of those bands that can’t figure out what they want to be. Disco-punk heroes? Pop-rock radio sweethearts? Sensitive balladers (yeesh)? At one point or another, you could find a track or two to convince anyone of these. Let’s not be quick to dismiss, however: despite their apparent identity crisis, they have always managed to churn out some quality songs.

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  • Silversun Pickups on Risers

    Silversun Pickups Swoon on Walmart Risers

    ‘There’s no secrets’ and Silversun Pickups stopped by the Risers set to let it all out about their new release ‘Swoon’, which has gotten nothing but rave reviews from bloggers and critics alike - aside from Pitchfork, of course.Personally, I'm not really too into this band. It's weird, I mean, I get the Smashing Pumpkins comparison and all, and I totally dig the Smashing Pumpkins, but this band just doesn't do it for me. Neither does a certain

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  • fleet-foxes-sod

    FFFFFleet FFFFoxes

    Note: I really have to thank C4 for introducing me to my new favorite band, Fleet Foxes (who are Robin Pecknold, Casey Wescott, Craig Curran, Nicholas Peterson, and Skye Skjelset). The band's debut EP, "Sun Giant" is a perfect introduction to Sub Pop's new baby and leaves enough anticipation for the eponymous LP (scheduled for a June 3rd release). "Sun Giant" is filled with beautiful tonal shifts, sweeping harmonies, and echoes

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  • gobloots

    Gobloots is the sound of failure.

    I bet you like Bob Dylan. And I bet you like Bright Eyes, too. If I won both of those bets, it's highly likely that you'll be pretty into Gobloots. But here's the difference. Where the bob dylan generation gap exists, and where Bright Eyes is more than a tad bit melodramatic, Gobloots feels and sings about everything you've ever felt and wished you could sing about. (Little things, like

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  • MSTRKRFT - Bounce


    MSTRKRFT's last (and only) LP, The Looks, was my gateway drug to electro. At first pass, while sitting at my computer, I found the album a little dull. A week later I heard "Paris" at a party and from there slowly grew to love the whole thing. I've been waiting for anything new from these

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  • the-teenagers-gif

    The Teenagers Want You

     Do you wanna be in the next Teenagers video? I sure as hell do (not). Those dudes are hilarious but the lyrics to the song 'Feeling Better' fucking blow. Maybe I'm tricking myself like I did when I heard these guys initially, like, are they kidding? And perhaps they are, but regardless

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  • Notwist: The Devil, You + Me = Beautiful Music

    Notwist: The Devil, You + Me = Beautiful Music

    Just when I thought I’d never hear anything from the Notwist again and had began coping with the idea that they were one of those bands that I used to be really into way back when, they go and surprise me with a new album and not only a new album, a new direction without disbanding too much from their Neon Golden electronic roots.

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  • The Silent Years find a home

    The Silent Years find a home

    The Silent Years just announced via blog on myspace that they have indeed found a home for their next record, The Globe, which will be released July 29th in the U.S (some tracks are streamable on their myspace, but not yet available for download). The band neglected to announce the name of the label but cheers to them, because these guys are really good. Not familiar with The Silent Years?

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  • lookbook

    Believe the hype: Lookbook OWNS

    If you like Mazzy Star, Bat for Lashes, Goldfrapp (who have a seriously terrifying video on their website right now...TERRIFYING), the Sundays, Bjork, and Sixpence None the Richer, get ready to have a brain aneurysm. Lookbook comes straight outta nowhere even close to Compton OR Europe. They're another little boy/girl duo, made up of Grant Cutler and Maggie Morrison (who sound NOTHING like Lismore, which I liked, but if that

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  • Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

    Stephen Malkmus likes Capitalism

    When I read about the Stephen Malkmus TV interview, my first thought was that it was here (on that Daily Show FOX news rip-off I heard some jokes about last year), but the Red Eye (which airs at 3am) looks more like a FOX degenerate of the Henry Rollins Show, or like, Glenn Beck hosting the Henry Rollins show maybe. Hey. Screw Will Clark for not signing my glove on opening

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