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    Penguin Prison – Questionable Name, Good Tunes

    New York producer Chris Glover, AKA Penguin Prison, is no stranger to the music industry.  According to the usually-hyperbolic-but-sometimes-spot-on British press, he’s done everything from gospel choirs to punk bands to boy bands.  His Penguin Prison project has been making some noise since around fall of […]

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    GALLERY: Treasure Island Music Festival

    Considering the fact that I didn't go to last weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival in San Fracisco, and the pope won't be contributing as often as we'd all like him to, I can't do much in the way of a review. However, I did speak with him about it and he really only had one thing to say: it was boring! I'm telling you, man, he shoulda taken ecstasy and gelled during Amon Tobin's set. Boring woulda been the furthest thing from his gooey brain.

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  • Treasure Island Flier 2008

    Treasure Island Music Fest: Sept 20 & Sept 21

    Dust off your dancing shoes and stretch the fuck out 'cause this weekend is gonna be crazy at the Treasure Island Music Festival!!!! When I first moved to San Francisco and I was a broke ass college student, I lived on Treasure Island. We used to have awesome ravey dance parties on the rocks along the bay at like 7am after long nights of heavy drinking and drug use

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  • I’m Addicted to Crappy Electropop: Ladytron’s ‘Black Cat’, NIN Remix, and Soulwax Edit

    I’m Addicted to Crappy Electropop: Ladytron’s ‘Black Cat’, NIN Remix, and Soulwax Edit

    Oh what? Ladytron is good? Am I actually saying that? And not because of the novelty surrounding the Party Monster track that they did? Yes. Yes I am. And I'm ready to admit it. I know, I can't believe it either. Maybe its just me. And maybe they aren't really as good as I feel like they are at the moment, because lately I've had several shocking realizations that lead

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  • hot chip triathalon

    Join The Hot Chip Triathalon and Win Cool Stuff [mp3]

    Assuming some of you don't know: Hot Chip are those British electro kids that brought you that poppin little dance track, called 'Ready for the Floor,' that came out back in January and has been remixed by everyone under the sun (to the point where some of you probably haven't even heard the original version. Fix that now:

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