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  • Ian Mackaye - Photo credit: Pat Graham

    Ian Mackaye Wants to Talk. To you. Next week.

    Ian Mackaye. What to say about Ian Mackaye. THERE'S SO MUCH. Damnit. I was lucky enough to be in the car when Mackaye was guesthosting one of Henry Rollins' radio shows a few months ago, and jesus, dude, I still can't get over how cool BOTH of those dudes are. What's with DC, man? It spawns shit and it spawns awesome.

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  • Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

    Stephen Malkmus likes Capitalism

    When I read about the Stephen Malkmus TV interview, my first thought was that it was here (on that Daily Show FOX news rip-off I heard some jokes about last year), but the Red Eye (which airs at 3am) looks more like a FOX degenerate of the Henry Rollins Show, or like, Glenn Beck hosting the Henry Rollins show maybe. Hey. Screw Will Clark for not signing my glove on opening

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  • Henry Rollins

    3 Things I Found After I Googled ‘Henry Rollins’ And Clicked On Other Shit

    My friend posted this old Black Flag interview in my MySpace comments yesterday (see item #1), and it made me realize that Henry Rollins has pretty much been a bad ass since, like, forever. So I started writing a 5 item list with examples to explain exactly what, in my opinion, makes him so rad. When I googled him I found a ton of cool shit, and I clicked on

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  • Instant Automatons Discography Available for Download

    Instant Automatons Discography Available for Download

    So I think Henry Rollins is a genius, and if you read The Orphan Review, you've undoubtedly heard me gush over the man on several occasions. How do the Instant Automatons provide me with another occasion on which to do so? A few months ago I was listening to Henry Rollins' radio show (Harmony in My Head), and he played a track from the Instant Automatons. I was sure it

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  • rollins_char_rollins_cast_mini_gallery_thumb_0

    Hear Me, Hear Me!

    I have recently decided that I love two [more] things. They are as follows: This show (named after the Buzzcocks song of the same name) is hosted by Henry Rollins, of Black Flag/Rollins Band fame, and a complete and utter genius. **Please notice that I […]

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