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    GALLERY: Treasure Island Music Festival

    Considering the fact that I didn't go to last weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival in San Fracisco, and the pope won't be contributing as often as we'd all like him to, I can't do much in the way of a review. However, I did speak with him about it and he really only had one thing to say: it was boring! I'm telling you, man, he shoulda taken ecstasy and gelled during Amon Tobin's set. Boring woulda been the furthest thing from his gooey brain.

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  • Treasure Island Flier 2008

    Treasure Island Music Fest: Sept 20 & Sept 21

    Dust off your dancing shoes and stretch the fuck out 'cause this weekend is gonna be crazy at the Treasure Island Music Festival!!!! When I first moved to San Francisco and I was a broke ass college student, I lived on Treasure Island. We used to have awesome ravey dance parties on the rocks along the bay at like 7am after long nights of heavy drinking and drug use

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  • lookbook

    Believe the hype: Lookbook OWNS

    If you like Mazzy Star, Bat for Lashes, Goldfrapp (who have a seriously terrifying video on their website right now...TERRIFYING), the Sundays, Bjork, and Sixpence None the Richer, get ready to have a brain aneurysm. Lookbook comes straight outta nowhere even close to Compton OR Europe. They're another little boy/girl duo, made up of Grant Cutler and Maggie Morrison (who sound NOTHING like Lismore, which I liked, but if that

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  • road trip music for babies

    Road Trip Music For Babies

    I suggest that you somehow obtain these 10 tracks (7 of which are provided by yours truly) and burn them onto a CD/put the playlist on your ipod just in case you ever have to drive anywhere for more than an hour with a child under 3 years old. Nevermind some of the inappropriate lyrics because the kid won't know the difference and your only alternative is to have the

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  • aphex-twin

    APHEX TWIN and GOLDFRAPP added to Coachella 2008 Lineup!

    Just announced on Tuesday, March 11th: Aphex Twin and Goldfrapp have been added to this year's already stellar Coachella lineup! Aphex Twin is a big deal, mainly because he's completely out of his mind and I pretty much figured he'd never perform in the states again. Other artists that can't be missed: Portishead, My Morning Jacket, & Love and Rockets (to name a few). There are too many must-sees to

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