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  • beach-house-teen-dream-6071

    Old News is Good News: New Beach House & New Yeasayer in 2010

    You've all heard both of these songs already, and we probably woulda posted them ages ago had it not been for STUPID *****host breaking our FREAKING servers every other day. Thanks a lot, hosting service, for sucking ass and making us fall behind on like, everything. Ugh. Anyway, Beach House and Yeasayer are 2 of our very favorite current artists here at the weapon and they're both gearing up for new releases in early 2010. STOKED!

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  • FunnyMenorah

    Obligatory Holiday Post

    This video was made over two days on a zero budget by this band called Burning Hank. We think it's pretty good. Check them out on bandcamp and if you dig 'em visit their myspace for more tunes. I feel kinda bad cause I feel like these guys deserve more than a mention in a post. Hopefully they'll throw us more goodies in 2010 so we can do them justice.

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  • shel-silverstein-fantastic-weapon

    Flashback: Shel Silverstein on The Johnny Cash Show

    But I betchya didn't know he put out music. I did. My friend's dad had the LP when we were in Junior High but I ignored it cause I didn't want to ruin my childhood memories. Haha. Or something. But we listened to it. A lot of it was about getting stoned and drinking. Kinda seemed odd to me when I was 13 - like, what a creep, you know? But it's not like it's been in my mind for 10 years. I probably haven't thought about it since, until I bumped into the sweetest video ever on YouTube:

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  • obi best & vincent minor remix contest

    Monsters of Folk Make Me Remember Why I Loved Fevers and Mirrors

    In the spirit of super groups (see previous post), the weapon brings you Monsters of Folk. The name would be fitting if the band consisted of Will Oldham, Jeff Mangum, and Samuel Beam, but it doesn't. Members Conor Oberst, M. Ward, Jim James, and Mike Mogis are Monsters of Folk - and I'll be honest - they make me remember why I LOVED THE CRAP out of Fevers and Mirrors so hard (yes, I just said I loved something "so hard"....) when I was 16. The reason: BECAUSE ITS REALLY FREAKING GOOD.

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  • okkerville-river-treasure-island

    GALLERY: Treasure Island Day 2 – Spiritualized, Fleet Foxes, etc.

    All photos by Christopher Gehres for Fantastic Weapon.

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  • Jack's Mannequin - Resonate

    Resonate With Jack’s Mannequin

    This is a little bit further onto the "emo" side than the weapon usually ventures, but imma be honest here: these guys make some pretty decent tunes, and half of you who expect to hate it will probably be into Jack's Mannequin. Buzznet's Resonate sessions have brought you another zinger - this week's feature:

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  • The Mountain Goats

    Fall 2008 Tour Dates – The Mountain Goats

    I'm actually not really sure how long ago these dates were announced - likely ages ago, considering how out of the freaking loop I am, but I don't care because I love this band so if it's already been drilled into your brain, then I'll do some more drilling. I repeat: I love this band. That's not an easy thing to say about many bands, but I LOVE this band

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  • The Ting Tings perform live - Buzznet Resonate

    Resonate with The Ting Tings

    My favorite part? She's totally wearing green nailpolish. And I'll admit - I kinda dig this song. View the rest of The Ting Tings' Resonate session, exclusive interview, and photos at Buzznet. For a little refresher: Buzznet does these exclusive performances a la Peel Sessions and Daytrotter, but the Buzznet version is called Resonate, and features live acoustic performances from artists you don't usually hear unplugged.

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  • Wayfaring Strangers - Ladies from the Canyon

    Meet the wayfaring strangers who helped me escape from Kate Bush

    Yes. I have heard of Kate Bush. I am not linking to her because not only have I heard of her, but I have also listened to her songs, danced to her videos, and memorized her lyrics. I've decided sure, she's fine, but really...lets move on because I'm sick of Kate Bush and thankfully I've found a worth escape route, via

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  • shwayzee-cisco-resonate

    Shwayze and Cisco are in Cahootz

    First thing’s first – what’s Resonate? I honestly can’t believe I haven’t read much of ANYTHING about this on any other blog yet, but Resonate is this thing that Buzznet‘s got goin on where they’ll invite an artist into their Hollywood studio to do an […]

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