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  • Galapaghost

    Galapaghost is Ukel-Indie Rock At Its Finest

    Let's be honest here: Galapaghost sounds a lot like a lot of stuff we've already heard. True. But you can probably name 5 bands you love the shit out of that sound a lot alike, right? Well, so can we. For starters: The Magnetic Fields, Dent May & His Magnificient Ukelele, Fleet Foxes, Fools Gold, and .

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  • okkerville-river-treasure-island

    GALLERY: Treasure Island Day 2 – Spiritualized, Fleet Foxes, etc.

    All photos by Christopher Gehres for Fantastic Weapon.

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  • Treasure Island Flier 2008

    Treasure Island Music Fest: Sept 20 & Sept 21

    Dust off your dancing shoes and stretch the fuck out 'cause this weekend is gonna be crazy at the Treasure Island Music Festival!!!! When I first moved to San Francisco and I was a broke ass college student, I lived on Treasure Island. We used to have awesome ravey dance parties on the rocks along the bay at like 7am after long nights of heavy drinking and drug use

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  • fleet-foxes-sod

    FFFFFleet FFFFoxes

    Note: I really have to thank C4 for introducing me to my new favorite band, Fleet Foxes (who are Robin Pecknold, Casey Wescott, Craig Curran, Nicholas Peterson, and Skye Skjelset). The band's debut EP, "Sun Giant" is a perfect introduction to Sub Pop's new baby and leaves enough anticipation for the eponymous LP (scheduled for a June 3rd release). "Sun Giant" is filled with beautiful tonal shifts, sweeping harmonies, and echoes

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  • themes

    Raise a flag in the name of THEMES

    So I kinda promised this guy I'd be real shh about how great his record is but dude I just couldn't do it. THEMES is Jacy McIntosh (Vocals / Baritone Guitars / Synthetics/Preminatory Sciences) and Kelsey Crawford (Vocals / Pianos/ Synthetics / Star Mapping). I got ahold of their record, War Over The Great Plains and I must admit, it's pretty weird. The chick has this mainstream mega-poppy voice, which

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  • What the Folk? The Fleet Foxes release Sun Giant EP

    What the Folk? The Fleet Foxes release Sun Giant EP

    I like it when new music is good. I'm sure you do, too. So naturally, imma be pretty into the Fleet Foxes. And I bet you will be, too. Because I've been in hiding for a while, it's entirely possible that this band is old news, but I'm gonna take my chances and say that you probably HAVEN'T heard them yet. So get on it.

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