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  • Black Holes - Little Jinder Remix

    BEATMASTERS: Black Holes Remixes

    In the interest of catering to all audiences until we decide exactly what we're gonna do around these parts, the weapon decides to bring you another Fantastic Pick in the realm of electronic tunes. Black Holes are another electronic duo, whom some may refer to as "DJ's", and others might call "artists"

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  • picture-4

    Sunday Afternoon Mixtape #5

    So I totally failed at the My Bloody Valentine tracks because I completely forgot to get the mp3 recorder from the car before I left for the show – sorry. Hey did that show piss off anyone else? I was so irritated by the fact […]

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  • image

    Sunday Morning Mixtape #4

    It’s been a while, dudes. Check out the sweet new theme we got goin on, and all the other stuff too. The big header with all the stuff on it had to disappear for a few minutes cause I couldn’t figure out how to make […]

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  • nonewyork

    The Party is on the West Coast – No New York

    So I went to the Eagle (awesome bear bar with magical possibilities lingering just about everywhere, especially near the urinals) to see a Samnation/Samuel Roy show and totally un-expectantly saw a young and fresh electro act called No New York, they opened for Sam, the band shares its name with an awesome compilation produced by Brian Eno (one of my all time faves) and put out by Island's sub-label Antilles

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  • wigger-80

    In Memorium to Lawrence Braithwaite

    In the beginning was the word and the word was bass. And the bass was good and Gawd saw that it was good and Gawd said and Gawd left plenty. Gawd left notes and files and jams and cycles.... and Vico saw that Homer saw and Virgil heard and cyphered the story of blindness and loss of self and he turn Us all into brave warriors who feared nadathin, and refused to forget and stepped to fate like like yänkee and fadayee,-- lawrence ytzhak braithwaite -- "T U R N T A B L E I N T E R

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  • tyskerhar1-100x100

    Tyskerhar Move Dance Floors From Berlin to Beijing

    TYSKERHAR is a two piece comprised of Seek Zag Lazer (Music) from Berlin and Ms. Mao Dou Mao (Vocals) from Beijing, I’d like to boast that I’m pretty sure I’m the first dude in America to interview them and luckily they agreed to meet back […]

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  • Carrie Mirrors

    Static Disco’s Answer to Aphex Twin: Kobol

    So when I was editing The Pope’s post about Carolee I stumbled across this chick who calls herself Carrie. I was probably only interested in viewing her myspace page because we are both Carrie – not Kerry, Keri, Cari, etc. But CARRIE, but I found […]

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  • josephine-jinder

    Little Jinder, BIG Misunderstanding

    Little Jinder is Scandinavian, which means she can make whatever sorta noises she wants to (usually electronic ones) and no matter how stupid or not stupid those noises may be, Americans will always buy her record and talk about how whimsical they feel when they listen to it. I've been looking all over the net trying to figure out what her last name (Jinder) means in Swedish, and the only definition I've found is a totally retarded one from Urban Dictionary. Kinda like her lyrics - "I miss you/like coffee in/this fatal dream..." What the hell does that mean?

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  • everything-is-all-wet

    Sunday Morning Mixtape #2

    1. Amon Tobin – Esther’s 2. Holger Czukay – Cool In The Pool 3. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Electricity 4. Love – A House Is Not A Motel (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Edit) 5. Brian Eno – Backwater 6. Leonard Nimoy – […]

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    sunday morning mixtape


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