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    Durutti Column To Release Tony Wilson Tribute Early 2010

    I fucking hate mondays. I hate them so much that I'd rather not participate in them at all, but this morning was cool cause while I was driving with one hand/tweeting/facebooking/smoking in shitty traffic, I came across the following news: Manchester post-punk act The Durutti Column will release and perform A Paean to Wilson - a tribute to Factory Records co-founder and Hacienda nightclub manager Tony Wilson - in January next year. Source: Durutti Column to release and perform tribute to Factory Records co-founder - Fact Magazine

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  • sisters-1990

    The Sisters of Mercy Schedule Tour Dates

    Everyone's favorite sisters have scheduled 6 live shows in November - the first since 2006, I think. Unfortunately all shows will be at the House of Blues, but still - The Sisters of Mercy?! Are you kidding?!?! In the words of my roommate, "Do you think this means Andrew will wear Mickey Mouse ears?! Oh, lordy lordy lordy... I think this is one of those signs the world is ending.. Like soon."

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  • Taxidermia Album Cover - Amon Tobin

    Amon Tobin Banned From Facebook

    So this is like, totally old news but I think it's funny, fucked up, and under-exposed enough to bring you guys the info. Amon Tobin's facebook profile was deleted without notice. In his own words:

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  • Carrie Mirrors

    Static Disco’s Answer to Aphex Twin: Kobol

    So when I was editing The Pope’s post about Carolee I stumbled across this chick who calls herself Carrie. I was probably only interested in viewing her myspace page because we are both Carrie – not Kerry, Keri, Cari, etc. But CARRIE, but I found […]

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    sunday morning mixtape


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  • Happy Birthday to C4

    Sketch for C4’s Summer: Buzznet, Warped Tour, and The Durutti Column

    Sooo now there's another online events listing. But I'm pretty sure this one is (or will be soon) better than the other 23423555. Buzznet is creating something that isn't just another online events site, but something more like a history of live music. I'm not saying this just cause I work there.

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  • 20jfgrts

    Throbbing Gristle Announce Live Dates in 2008, with Expert Non-chalance

    No, Expert non-chalance isn't a fucking band, douchebags. It's the air that surround the Throbbing Gristle myspace bulletin announcing two confirmed live Throbbing Gristle dates within the next month. I'm not fucking kidding. Just to prove it, and because I'm addicted to them, I've decided to post a screenshot of said bulletin that made me want to rip out my hair and spit on stuff. Take a look:

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  • Lovesliescrushing while I lie stupid. Thank you last.fm for clearing this up.

    Lovesliescrushing while I lie stupid. Thank you last.fm for clearing this up.

    So I've had a last.fm account for like two or three years now, and basically I think it's the coolest thing ever. Most of you know what it is, but I'm gonna refresh your memory. If you just leave it on, it takes into account every fucking thing you listen to on basically any audio program, and produces what ultimately becomes AMAZINGLY tailored recommendations, based on the shit you like

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