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  • hirntrafo_cd

    Sprechen sie deutsch? Kein Hass Da do Bad Brains in German

    KEIN HASS DA sprechen sie Bad Brains en deutsch. And they fucking rule. Seriously, these german dudes are really just a bad brains tribute band, except for one difference: they've re-done 25 Bad Brains songs from 78-89 - IN GERMAN. I guess they also wrote their own lyrics and they'll be releasing a CD & book called Hirntrafo, complete with illustrations and comics, on November 5th.

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  • skatalites_coxson_2nd_from_left

    You should have known better, rude boy!

    Last night I discovered that I have three very different and totally awesome versions of The Beatles’ harmonica-pop gem from A Hard Day’s Night – “I Should Have Known Better.” It should go without saying that version 1 is, of course, the original. Version 2 […]

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  • beck-record-club

    Dirty Projectors do Black Flag, Beck does Cohen & Spence

    When you decide to cover a classic track there’s always a huge risk of serious suckage, but some bands just have the gift. Easy Star All Stars are freaking pros (Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band, Dub Side of the Moon…. blablabla etc etc etc.), […]

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  • cunt-sparrer

    Cunt Sparrer – ‘Because You’re Young’

    So somebody sent me this a couple weeks ago and I've heard some mixed criticism - people either don't like this chick's voice, get pissed because they "destroyed" a Cock Sparrer song, or totally love it (like I do). I was having some drama and this shit kinda brought me to tears. Maybe it isn't as good as I think it is and I was just in a "mood" if you will - I've listened to it since then and I still kinda like it but I'm interested in your opinion. What do you think?

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  • nada-surf-ifihifi

    Nada Surf Tour & Album Of Cover Songs

    Nada Surf bring their trademark sense of harmony and musical craftsmanship to 12 of their favorite songs with their latest release, if i had a hi-fi, their first album of covers. Only a group with their wide-ranging and eclectic taste could bring songs from such artists as Kate Bush, Dwight Twilley and the Go-Betweens together into a coherent, intelligent record. hi-fi also includes some intriguingly obscure numbers like Spanish band Mecromina's "Evolution" and Bill Fox's power-pop "Electrocution."

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  • 3459

    Cover songs mixtape – Halloween 2009

    The search for a new mixtape service (among other things) continues. works, but it’s not the greatest. Enter, which ALMOST does the job, but I sorta hate the way it looks. Anyway, this playlist isn’t full of Halloween songs – just covers. You […]

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  • PTP Fest II 10.11.09


    The Jazz Butcher, also known as The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy and The Jazz Butcher And His Sikkorskis From Hell, are a British musical group founded by Pat Fish. Their oeuvre is blackly humorous with such topics as Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49, an unrequited crush on Shirley Maclaine, and an ode to SF writer Harlan Ellison. The song "Sister Death" is not about the comic book character

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  • temple of psychick youthg

    Psychic TV Tribute to the Beach Boys

    Every cover this band pick just seems to get better than the last. Or, better than the last one i found, and since I already blasted your brains with VU covers twice today, Let’s go for PTV covering the fucking Beach Boys. Awesome. DOWNLOADS Psychic […]

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  • ptv-bowery

    Psychic TV Cover ‘Foggy Notion’

    Psychic TV performs "Foggy Notion" by The Velvet Underground. Filmed by Howard Wuelfing at WXPN at The University of Pennsylvania for NPR's "World Cafe" with David Dye on February 21, 2008. Engineered and recorded by Chris Williams. Full audio version available on Psychic TV / PTV3's "Mr. Alien Brain Vs. The Skinwalkers" on Cargo/Sweet Nothing Records.

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  • the-jesus-lizard

    The Jesus Lizard in LA – October 2009

    Dude, The Jesus Lizard are touring again! I mean, obviously they've already played Pitchfork fest and a couple other shows but that's all the way over THERE and I'm all the way over HERE. Howcome I'm always like, the LAST to find out everything? You wanna see the reason I'm so stoked??? (Among other things) It's (mostly) cause of this right here:

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