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    Passion Pit Remix Contest = Epic

    Passion Pit is having a pretty creative remix contest for “Little Secrets” a single from their upcoming, monstrous-hype-generating full-length, Manners . Basically, you take the snippets they provide and build a remix.  Then everyone votes and the top 5 get a spot on the vinyl, […]

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    Obi Best Featured on iTunes and

    I've got something spectacular to report! An extended family member just got a write up on! I know, I know, spin posted warped tour dates like three years ago that swore Des Moines was in Ohio, but that doesn't REALLY scrap their credibility. A mere oversight, right?

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    Stream New Portishead Now on

    Thanks to you can now stream "Third" in its entirety, which you should probably do, because it's a pretty good release and I didn't realize so many of you hadn't already heard it. If you're still unaware, and the contest is still going on, L.A. listeners can win 2 tickets from to a private, pre-Coachella Portishead rehearsal. The ehearsal takes place on 4/24 (that's THIS Thursday) so get on

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    The Teenagers Want You

     Do you wanna be in the next Teenagers video? I sure as hell do (not). Those dudes are hilarious but the lyrics to the song 'Feeling Better' fucking blow. Maybe I'm tricking myself like I did when I heard these guys initially, like, are they kidding? And perhaps they are, but regardless

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    Join The Hot Chip Triathalon and Win Cool Stuff [mp3]

    Assuming some of you don't know: Hot Chip are those British electro kids that brought you that poppin little dance track, called 'Ready for the Floor,' that came out back in January and has been remixed by everyone under the sun (to the point where some of you probably haven't even heard the original version. Fix that now:

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