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  • throbbing-gristle

    Throbbing Gristle LA Show Confirmed

    Psychic TV is my favorite band ever, so you can imagine how please I am to announce that

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  • portishead-coachella-2008

    Portishead Overload

    Sure, I was excited at the thought of a new Portishead release. But it was going to take more than a record for me to believe they were really back. The new album (Third, released yesterday in the states) was merely a declaration of Portishead‘s […]

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  • free-blood-coachella

    You can have some Free Blood, but only if you don’t have Coachella tickets.

    What's up with all the boy/girl robot duos that (as of last night) have begun to invade Southern California? It's strange because I'm not usually a fan of this crap, but I think I hear a new one every day, and not one of them has been bad. I can't help but think that my judgement is impaired, or this music is really easy to make. Regardless, they are spouting

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  • prince-coachella

    Prince signs on to play Coachella

    Okay, I need to breathe before I have a heart attack. The walls in my office are closing in on me, my palms are all sweaty, and omg, I NEED to calm down. One word: Prince.

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  • cut-copy

    Cut // Copy // Download // Listen

    Australia's Cut Copy are about to get the respect they deserve in the states and it's about time. Their new album, In Ghost Colours, arrived down-under last month and made it to the top of the Aussie charts in less than a week. The U.S. gets an official release this Tuesday, but of course it's already more than available onthe net. If you've never heard, think Apples In Stereo

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  • prince

    Upcoming, as of yet still Untitled Autolux Release (and two old songs)

    When Trent Reznor followed Radiohead's lead and released his latest album online at pay-whatever rates, it nearly topped his past announcement that Autolux would support NIN's fall '05 tour. Some serious respect for Mr. Reznor is due, regardless of how his new album sounds.

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  • aphex-twin

    APHEX TWIN and GOLDFRAPP added to Coachella 2008 Lineup!

    Just announced on Tuesday, March 11th: Aphex Twin and Goldfrapp have been added to this year's already stellar Coachella lineup! Aphex Twin is a big deal, mainly because he's completely out of his mind and I pretty much figured he'd never perform in the states again. Other artists that can't be missed: Portishead, My Morning Jacket, & Love and Rockets (to name a few). There are too many must-sees to

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  • breeders

    Breeder’s Digest: New Single ‘Bang On’ and Los Angeles Tour Dates

    Alright, I'll admit it. I've been lagging. I haven't been giving you ANY news, and now you're totally out of the current musical loop. I'm sorry. But if you haven't been lagging, then you've already had the chance to hear the new single from the Breeders, Bang On. And maybe you think it's really weird and un-breeders-like, and a sort of half assed attempt at a comeback, but maybe you've

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