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  • eno_660

    (LISTEN) Brian Eno – 2 Tracks From Small Craft On A Milk Sea

    We here at the Weapon absolutely love (most) Brian Eno stuff. In fact, we actually used Mr. Eno as the subject of a “Composer Report” for a music theory class in college, and incidentally we own absolutely everything the man has ever released, and almost […]

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  • brian eno on warp records

    Brian Eno Coming Soon on Warp Records

    I find it rather fitting that this is basically the only thing you’ll find on any link that has to do with the upcoming Brian Eno Warp release. Anybody have high hopes for this one?

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  • sisters-1990

    The Sisters of Mercy Schedule Tour Dates

    Everyone's favorite sisters have scheduled 6 live shows in November - the first since 2006, I think. Unfortunately all shows will be at the House of Blues, but still - The Sisters of Mercy?! Are you kidding?!?! In the words of my roommate, "Do you think this means Andrew will wear Mickey Mouse ears?! Oh, lordy lordy lordy... I think this is one of those signs the world is ending.. Like soon."

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  • nonewyork

    The Party is on the West Coast – No New York

    So I went to the Eagle (awesome bear bar with magical possibilities lingering just about everywhere, especially near the urinals) to see a Samnation/Samuel Roy show and totally un-expectantly saw a young and fresh electro act called No New York, they opened for Sam, the band shares its name with an awesome compilation produced by Brian Eno (one of my all time faves) and put out by Island's sub-label Antilles

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  • image

    Monday Afternoon Mixtape

    Track List: 1. Aztec Camera – Oblivious 2. Violent Femmes – Girl Trouble (demo) 3. Au Pairs – Love Song 4. Concrete Blonde – Joey 5. Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls – Animal Crazy 6. Elastica – Stutter 7. Slant 6 – Time Expired […]

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  • pope-bush

    Pope John Paul 12 Turns 2008

    Being the Pope has been a long and time consuming job that I have undertaken for over two thousand years. After climbing out of the shadows of Jesus and taking over the heart of Rome, I've learned a few things that I won't share because then I won't have complete dominion anymore, but trust me, it's been hard wearing gold and sitting alone in the Vatican sifting through my delusions and fantasies, but thankfully I have my bishops, alter boys and the millions of supporters all over the world that love me and understand that I am perfect and in direct contact with our lord and savior.

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  • oie_royal-blue-velvet

    Blue Velvet, Velvet Goldmine, and some crap about Liza Minnelli

    Unfortunately, tonight we are all missing out: Liza Minnelli is singing a bunch of songs we know but desperately try to pretend that we don't know, for free, tonight, on the island of carnivals (a.k.a. the soon to be closed for re-development Coney Island). If the thought of riding the Cyclone while eating a Nathan's Hot Dog and listening to "The Trolley Song" isn't enough to make you barf all over your keyboard, maybe this will: CLICK IF YOU DARE.

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  • Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

    Strange Overtones – First MP3 from Upcoming Eno and Byrne Collaboration

    Back in April I mentioned that Brian Eno and David Byrne had finished their second collborative effort and planned to tour late in 2008. The album, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today will hit the virtual shelves as DRM-free MP3's on the 18th of August, and

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  • everything-is-all-wet

    Sunday Morning Mixtape #2

    1. Amon Tobin – Esther’s 2. Holger Czukay – Cool In The Pool 3. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Electricity 4. Love – A House Is Not A Motel (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Edit) 5. Brian Eno – Backwater 6. Leonard Nimoy – […]

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  • brian-eno-david-byrne

    My Life in the Bush of WTF???

    So THIS is what happens when I get busy, hmm? I forget to check my feeds for like 2 weeks and apparently David Byrne tells NME that he has just finished a new record with a one Mr. Brian Eno, and the duo plans to tour sometime in the near future. I'm not gonna taint this one with my stupid comments, guys. I'm only gonna tell you that Byrne has

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