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    FYF Fest 2010 Photos

    So I myself didn't get to FYF Fest this year, but the fantastic Fever Dragon did and he produced some stellar images this year. You can find reviews somewhere else, but for a sense of what went down in image form, this is the place.

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  • arielp3

    FYF Fest 2010 Is Just Around The Corner – Lineup, Etc.

    I’ve been a little slow on the blog this summer, with good reason – dog, new job, no money, etc – but I figure it’s kind of my duty to kick you guys down with the details for this year’s FYF Fest, since I’ve done […]

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  • part time punks festival 2008 - flyer

    A Certain Ratio Confirmed for Part Time Punks Fest

    Sorry I forgot to give you guys the skinny on this all weekend long - I was busy on the red carpet at the 2008 Scream Awards, interviewing Gerard Way, snapping pics of Billy Corgan, Marilyn Mason, and Twiggy, and watching the Smashing Pumpkins play. I'm sure you understand. But on Friday as I was leaving work

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  • pope-bush

    Pope John Paul 12 Turns 2008

    Being the Pope has been a long and time consuming job that I have undertaken for over two thousand years. After climbing out of the shadows of Jesus and taking over the heart of Rome, I've learned a few things that I won't share because then I won't have complete dominion anymore, but trust me, it's been hard wearing gold and sitting alone in the Vatican sifting through my delusions and fantasies, but thankfully I have my bishops, alter boys and the millions of supporters all over the world that love me and understand that I am perfect and in direct contact with our lord and savior.

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  • space-mountain

    Space Mountain – I Lost My Mind Inside A Cathoide Ray Tube

    I used to live with a bunch of dudes in Long Beach who make really amazing music, but they tend to stick to a single genre, so I was really surprised when I went back to the house after I'd moved out, walked in like I still lived there, and heard something new--and aurally phenomenal--coming from the downstairs bedroom. Turned out to be a new addition to the house - another Mike - doing what he does, alone in his room. I fell in LOVE with it. Dude was producing sounds that reminded me of all that was good about Ariel Pink, only way less accessible.

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  • bathroom-bw

    Human Ear Music Presents Gary Wilson and The Blind Dates

    What'd I tell you? That song's called 'Gary's in the Park,' from the 2006 release, "Mary Has Brown Hair" on Stones Throw Records. I guess he's got a whole band now and they go by Gary Wilson and The Blind Dates. They're playing at 1830 Sunset Blvd with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti on April 26th, and you could

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  • Ariel Pink

    Why can’t I be Ariel Pink?

    Ok, I don't really wish I was Ariel Pink, but I do really like his music. I saw Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at the Echo once and it totally ruled. Beach House opened for them, before any of you knew who Beach House was. Before I knew who Beach House was. Anyway, there is one free track you can get at off the Scared Famous LP, by what is now

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  • Girls

    2 Boys From San Francisco are GIRLS!

    No dude I'm not being a dick. It's true. Girls is the name under which these two kids from SF make music. I mean, I don't like to make a habit of reposting someone elses news, but like, what's all this news anyway? Someone else did it first. So I'll keep it real amd give 'em a throwback. I was reading gorilla vs. bear today and their most recent post

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  • Instant Automatons Discography Available for Download

    Instant Automatons Discography Available for Download

    So I think Henry Rollins is a genius, and if you read The Orphan Review, you've undoubtedly heard me gush over the man on several occasions. How do the Instant Automatons provide me with another occasion on which to do so? A few months ago I was listening to Henry Rollins' radio show (Harmony in My Head), and he played a track from the Instant Automatons. I was sure it

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  • Beach House and Papercuts Tonight at The Echo

    Beach House and Papercuts Tonight at The Echo

    If you were lucky enough to be at The Echo last year to see Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, then you were not only lucky enough to see The Haunted Graffiti made up of members of Swans, Bubonic Plague, and Friends in the Mountains, but also to bear witness to the majesty that is Beach House. Their self-titled debut was probably one of the best records that came out of

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