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  • dr_stringz

    Hey That’s Andrew Bird! “No it’s not! It’s Dr. Stringz!”

    The headline of this post was taken from a conversation I had with my 5 year old nephew about 5 minutes ago. Here I am on a Friday night, updating the website while babysitting the sister's kid. He's watching Nick Jr. and eating fruitsnacks and was pretending to watch Nick Jr. too, but only paying attention to about 10% of this show with these puppets that isn't Sesame Street or Fraggle Rock or the Muppets.

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  • Andrew Bird - Fantastic

    New Andrew Bird MP3 – Oh No

    Um, FINALLY, thanks. I love Andrew Bird. The first time I saw him I had no idea who he was, but he rhymed 'closeness' with 'mitosis,' was surrounded by phonographs painted with zebra stripes, and wore socks with toes - needless to say we fell in love immediately. Or would have. Had we met. Whatever. Dig this new track

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  • Little Bear - Army of Trees EP - Album cover

    Little Bear – Army of Trees EP

    So after spending the whole weekend in the hospital, I was delighted to find that I was pretty much the only person who had neglected the website. To everyone who sent me anything to review over the past couple days - I will most definitely get to it. First on the list, because it was the best of the bunch and I probably would have done a post eventually, solicited or un - Little Bear.

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  • outside-lands1

    Outside Lands Music Festival

    After a long weekend at the Coachella Festival a few years back, I got on my knees and prayed to the RICH that they would create a festival with an equally amazing line up but in a climate conducive to large crowds and excessive partying. Thankfully, the RICH answer prayers because this summer, AUGUST 22nd thru AUGUST 24th, Outside Lands is throwing the party of the summer in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

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  • Andrew Bird’s Soldier On EP is Now Available in the US

    Andrew Bird’s Soldier On EP is Now Available in the US

    Andrew Bird's Soldier On E.P. is now available to fans in the US. The 8-track E.P. was originally a limited release (November 2007), to be sold only on Bird's 2007 European tour. It includes a cover of Bob Dylan's 'Oh Sister', an early version of Armchair Apocrypha's 'Heretics,' as well as some stuff we have not yet heard from the Bird. My consensus: I love it. Andrew Bird is

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