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  • duIllustrated

    Flashback Friday: The Humpty Dance

    I've been vibing pretty hard on 93.5 (kday) because they play shit like Digital Underground, Kriss Kross, SWV, and TLC. In fact, the topic of this post was initially going to be Onyx, but this blog I've never heard of but will probably continue to read just so happened to be a step ahead of me.

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  • 75

    FYF Fest 2010 Photos

    So I myself didn't get to FYF Fest this year, but the fantastic Fever Dragon did and he produced some stellar images this year. You can find reviews somewhere else, but for a sense of what went down in image form, this is the place.

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  • 3472

    Norah Jones on Soundcheck Nov 15th

    I’m not really sure whether I’m all that into Norah Jones, but Sunday marks her return to Soundcheck. This time, she’s back to promote her upcoming record, “The Fall” which was co-written by the dude from Okkervil River and Ryan Adams, and which you can […]

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  • Shakira on Soundcheck 07

    Sneak Peek: Shakira on Soundcheck – September 28th

    Even though I'd say the readers of this blog are probably not interested in Shakira, the REMIX FAIL post got shit tons of traffic so some of you MUST be interested. Shakira stopped by Soundcheck a couple weeks ago and performed 3 tracks from her new release, "She-Wolf." The exclusive interviews and performance videos will be live on the soundcheck website on September 28th. Until then, here's some other stuff:

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  • 1151__400x_IMG_7929

    FYF Fest 2009 Photos

    So thanks to Fever Dragon, Fantastic Weapon was able to secure press passes to FYF Fest at the last second – unfortunately, I was unable to make it because my car sucks and I’m a total stress-case so I can’t really hook you up with […]

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  • Keri Hilson Performs on Soundcheck

    Coming Soon: Keri Hilson on Walmart Soundcheck

    The first time I heard Keri Hilson I didn’t know it was Keri Hilson. It was also the first and only time I ever paid for a “RealTone” on my cell phone, and it was also back when I was working in Brea and taking […]

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  • okkerville-river-treasure-island

    GALLERY: Treasure Island Day 2 – Spiritualized, Fleet Foxes, etc.

    All photos by Christopher Gehres for Fantastic Weapon.

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  • img_1378

    GALLERY: Treasure Island Music Festival

    Considering the fact that I didn't go to last weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival in San Fracisco, and the pope won't be contributing as often as we'd all like him to, I can't do much in the way of a review. However, I did speak with him about it and he really only had one thing to say: it was boring! I'm telling you, man, he shoulda taken ecstasy and gelled during Amon Tobin's set. Boring woulda been the furthest thing from his gooey brain.

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  • img-0616

    88BoaDrum [Los Angeles, CA; 08/08/08]

    Check out Fantastic Weapon’s first photo gallery! In the future, you’ll be able to click on the photo icon in the navigation bar (at the top of every page on to skip straight to your desired eye candy. For now, we’re doing it this way:

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