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  • directv-sat

    TV Service Costs

    If you are looking for an option for satellite TV service, one of the most important things for you to consider is the price. There are other factors involved, like if you live in an apt are you allowed to add a dish to the […]

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  • car-trouble

    Tune ups & Oil changes – Auto Repair

    These days you can do most things online. You can pay your bills, you can do your grocery shopping, and you can even find a job without ever leaving your house or even speaking to a single soul. But you can’t get your car fixed […]

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  • dishnetworkdtv

    Options For DVR’s – Time Warner & Dish Network

    I was born and finished my study in a hick town in Iowa. I tried looking for a job in the city cause that’s where I live, and shit was tough, man. I mean, I have fast access to everything and everyone EXCEPT for fast […]

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  • sunday-ticket

    Sunday Ticket – TV Options

    When the craziness about the economy happened last year, I had to tighten my belt across the board. I cut my home phone and cable sports to save a few bucks. I lowered my cell phone subscription to a manageable amount because we were all […]

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  • rock-the-bells-2010

    Snoop, Tribe, and Hill Added to Rock The Bells 2010

    Last week, Rock The Bells 2010 announced the addition of Snoop Dogg, A Tribe Called Quest, and Lauryn Hill just days before tickets were to go on sale. Pretty slick move if you ask me. But it gets better – Snoop Dogg will perform the […]

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  • soko-image

    SoKo – Go Ahead and Fuck Yourself (It’s Fine If You Don’t Love Me)

    SoKo (born Stéphanie Sokolinski) is a French singer and actress, best known for the track ‘I’ll Kill Her’. In 2007, SoKo achieved a hit single in Denmark with the song after The Black Boy Scouts began to promote it. The song reached number one on […]

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  • alicia-keys2

    Thank God For Alicia Keys

    I’m pretty into Soul and R&B, like, the popular kind – not just the old stuff. I dig it so much that sometimes my friends don’t even get it so I’ve stopped mentioning it. I guess you could say it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, […]

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  • cilla-k-fine-line

    CILLA K.’s Debut Release is HOT

    I’m not really a fan of most hip-hop or urban soul. There, I said it. And it’s not really cause I don’t like it as much as it’s the sheer fact that a lot of it just isn’t very interesting. It sounds the same, or […]

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  • the-melvins-bride-screamed-murder-album-art

    Melvins Release New Album – Stupid Name, Good Tunes

    Let me just preface by saying it's late and I'm tired - I do dig the new Melvins track (see below) but haven't gotten my hands on a copy of the new album so I can't really say much about it, except for the name is super cheesey and I hate it. C'mon, really? The Bride Screamed Murder? Hopefully the tunes will cancel out the album name. Anyway, dig some words on the subject (my favorite of which is 'soul-crushing') that didn't come from my fingertips:

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  • virtual-vertigo


    So I live in this house that happens to be a pretty hot spot for shows if you live in Macomb, IL (which you probably don’t), and last weekend we had a hip-hop show. Towards the end of the show one of the acts, Vertual […]

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