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  • secret-alphabet

    Highland Park’s Secret Alphabet

    Eddie Figueroa just SOUNDS like an important name. Like he could be a boxer or a car salesman or the varsity quarterback - but he's not. He's the brains behind the operation referred to as Secret Alphabet. The oddly shoe-gazey, dream-poppy, yet somehow still jam-bandish foursome is made up of some dudes from Highland Park, and you should totally swoop on their free mp3's before you check them out in September.

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  • sisters-1990

    The Sisters of Mercy Schedule Tour Dates

    Everyone's favorite sisters have scheduled 6 live shows in November - the first since 2006, I think. Unfortunately all shows will be at the House of Blues, but still - The Sisters of Mercy?! Are you kidding?!?! In the words of my roommate, "Do you think this means Andrew will wear Mickey Mouse ears?! Oh, lordy lordy lordy... I think this is one of those signs the world is ending.. Like soon."

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  • beach-house

    Beach House on

    Last week Juan's Basement, a segment on silently threw up a 3 part music video and interview series on my favorite Baltimore-based duo, Beach House. If you don't know this band yet you are seriously missing out. My favorite clips from the session are the Apple Orchard videos (Apple Orchard might also be one of the best songs to come out of the past 5 years).

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  • mad-gregs

    Love At Second Listen – Dig The Mad Gregs

    I'm gonna admit something here but let me first say don't get all harshed by it. When I first listened to the Mad Gregs via their myspace, I was not impressed. I think it was when I was digging up the goods for the Aunt Dracula post I did last week - which you guys showed an overwhelming amount of love to, thanks for that from me and a punch

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  • intelligence-live

    Intelligence Announce Tour Dates, C4 Steal’s From YANP

    Ok I'll admit it. This whole post started here, on You Ain't No Picasso, but it somehow turned into something completely different so while I think YANP for the Intelligence track that totally slays one of the crappiest tracks on the entire Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs" boxed set, which I love, srsly I do...I have only myself and my wreckless sleep deprivation to thank for the final outcome. Which isn't very terrific anyway.

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  • nomy

    The Pope Interviews Nomy Lamm

    Whenever Nomy Lamm isn't making music, she says she's playing Guitar Hero. Onstage at the El Rio, she said, "I'm really good at Guitar Hero and I almost brought that instead." Nomy has taken up a lot space on my Ipod lately, her music is anarchistic, witty, self indulgent, riot grrl, political, jewish, she takes on and claims controversial topics, shes awesome, fantastic, ect. She's been a Punk

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  • blocpartyb-sides

    Bloc Party Is Still In The City

    When Kele Okereke isn't getting beat up or running his mouth he has this band called Bloc Party that he records music with. The band's newest album, "Intimacy" dropped late last week. Three days before that, no one even knew it existed.

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  • image

    Sunday Morning Mixtape #3

    1. Nirvana – Sappy 2. John Maus – Just Wait Till Next Year 3. Captain Beefheart – Lick My Decals Off Baby 4. Pulp – Can I Have My Balls Back, Please? 5. The Rolling Stones – She’s a Rainbow 6. The Modern Lovers – […]

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  • alex-lilly-obi-best

    Obi Best Featured on iTunes and

    I've got something spectacular to report! An extended family member just got a write up on! I know, I know, spin posted warped tour dates like three years ago that swore Des Moines was in Ohio, but that doesn't REALLY scrap their credibility. A mere oversight, right?

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  • aunt-dracula-dudes

    Aunt Dracula Punched Me In The Stomach

    Ok maybe he didn't, but dude, this shit's so fucking good it almost made me cry when I first heard it. I'm not kidding. I almost felt like it was laughing and screaming, "HAHA I PUNCHED YOU IN THE FACE!" and when I started crying, it took a cheap shot and socked me in the stomach. The dude from Aunt Dracula added me on myspace, and every once in a

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