What the Folk? The Fleet Foxes release Sun Giant EP


I like it when new music is good. I’m sure you do, too. So naturally, imma be pretty into the Fleet Foxes. And I bet you will be, too. Because I’ve been in hiding for a while, it’s entirely possible that this band is old news, but I’m gonna take my chances and say that you probably HAVEN’T heard them yet. So get on it.

(and let me know if you agree with me, cause contrary to how it may seem, I AM interested in your opinion.)

Anyway, their EP, Sun Giant, is out on Sub Pop and it reminds me of like, Cease to Begin era Band of Horses (which I could just call ‘current’ Band of Horses) mixed with Black Mountain and the Manson Family. Only, without girl singers and less weird. Does that make sense? You can buy it from insound for like 6 bucks by clicking here.

The five piece hails from Seattle, WA and are playing at SXSW a bunch. Check their myspace for specific details, and if you’re lucky enough to be attending that spectacle, make sure you do not miss them. For serious.

Fleet Foxes.
Sun Giant.
Learn it.
Know it.
Live it.
Or something to that effect.

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