The Veils – Nux Vomica – Jesus for the Jugular


The Veils are a New Zealand band based in London, fronted by lead singer/songwriter Finn Andrews. They’re like this Pleasure Forever style country-death-rock band that reminds me a lot of the first Tapes ‘n Tapes record at times–which is pretty reminiscent of ‘Country Death Song’ by the Violent Femmes. But that’s not a satisfactory description because there’s something not so easily definable about these guys. I could make endless comparisons, like, maybe if the Bad Seeds were Conor Oberst and the Bad Seeds they’d be something fairly similar to The Veils, which doesn’t actually seem like a terrible idea when you get over the initial shock of such a statement (it does sound pretty blasphemous, don’t be offended, it’s necessary). I mean, if you mull it over for more than a a minute or two and I don’t think any hypothetical collaboration could produce more morbidly depressing music. Their first album would be called Suicide Ballads: it’d produce the same ghostly feeling tones and melodies delivered by Nux Vomica–the Veils’ sophomore effort, released on Rough Trade Records in 2006. Track 4, ‘Jesus for the Juglar’ is pretty fucking unearthly. The sound is so bone chilling that it almost makes you feel like you might slam on the gas and fly over Mullholland Dr. without a second thought. Or kill yourself if they ever break up. Don’t do it though. Listen to it here:


The Veils – Jesus for the Jugular
The Veils – Calliope!
Violent Femmes – American Music

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