Sprechen sie deutsch? Kein Hass Da do Bad Brains in German


KEIN HASS DA sprechen sie Bad Brains en deutsch. And they fucking rule. Seriously, these german dudes are really just a bad brains tribute band, except for one difference: they’ve re-done 25 Bad Brains songs from 78-89 – IN GERMAN. I guess they also wrote their own lyrics and they’ll be releasing a CD & book called Hirntrafo, complete with illustrations and comics, on November 5th.

33 Bad Brains Cover Songs
At The Movies (Auf dem Schirm) *
Attitude (Billigflug)*
Banned in D.C (Knastplanet)*
Big Takeover (Die Welt erobern) #
Coptic Times (Nur ‘ne Kleinigkeit) *
Don’t Bother Me (Laß mich in Ruh!)#
Don’t Need it (Brauch’ ich nicht)#
F.V.K. (Blender Henker)*
Gene Machine/Don’t Bother Me *
(Laß’ mich in Ruh!/Dien’Maschin’)
How Low Can A Punk Get? *
(Wie weit darf ein Punk gehen?)
House of Suffering (Haus der Schrecken)*
I + I Rasta (Kein Hass da )*
I + I Survive (Ich bin nicht allein) *
I (Ich? Nein!)*
I Against I (Einfach dagegen) *
Intro (Intro) *
Let Me Help (Geh’ mit mir)*
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth *
(Wie Regen im Meer)
Pay To Cum (Peile Zeit)*
Re-Ignition (Gene mischen)*
Return To Heaven (Rückkehr nach Eden)*
Right Brigade (Immer noch da)*
Riot Squad (Kriegsrecht)
Sacred Love (Traumvulkan)*
Soul Craft (Botschaft) *
Sailin’ On (Setz’ die Segel)*
Secret 77 (Sein Blick)*
She’s Calling You (Sie liebt wie Du)*
We will not (Nie was sie wollen)*
With The Quickness (Weck’ die Fitness)*

In their own words:

29 BAD BRAINS songs of 1978-89 have been transformed into German – but by no means this was done by just translating the original lyrics. Our transformations are very personal lyrics, written by Karl Nagel with the originals always in mind. Like the latter, they come straight from the heart, full of positive energy, and free of depression or cynisism. A clear, understandable language!

In the meantime, get your ass to their website and listen to the endless stream of Bad Brains covers because I haven’t figured out how to download them yet. Go. Now.

*on the upcoming release

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