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So I kinda promised this guy I’d be real shh about how great his record is but dude I just couldn’t do it. THEMES is Jacy McIntosh (Vocals / Baritone Guitars / Synthetics/Preminatory Sciences) and Kelsey Crawford (Vocals / Pianos/ Synthetics / Star Mapping). I got ahold of their record, War Over The Great Plains and I must admit, it’s pretty weird. The chick has this mainstream mega-poppy voice, which somehow becomes ok because the piano and the other vocals make it all sound sort of… haunted, I guess. Like if Jewel and Drakkar Sauna (you know, that Marriage Records band that EVERYONE missed like 2 years ago?) made babies and abused them for like ten years, they’d make this music. Of course not every song is that good. In fact, to be honest, several tracks really didn’t sit well with me but for the most part, I see where they’re going , I’m totally into it, and I’m probably gonna follow them there.


THEMES play with Blitzen Trapper and Fleet Foxes on April 9th in Minneapolis, and after that they’re off on this tour that somehow completely misses Los Angeles. If they seriously think they can get away with NOT booking a show in L.A., heads will roll. What’s with that shit anyway? Since when does every band skip L.A?


Themes – The Soldier Trade (MP3)
Themes – Maplines (MP3)


and be sure to check out their myspace page for more songs I didn’t know if I should post.


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