New Psychic TV Album


genesis p-orridge new psychic tv album

Sorry I’ve been away, kids, but I’ve been striving to make some extra cash so I can go to a party in New York commemorating the upcoming release of a new Psychic TV album, “Mr. Alien Brain vs The Skinwalkers.” The party is on November 9th at Club Europa in Brooklyn, and it’s slated to be their only US performance in the near future. Do blame them? America has been pretty shitty lately. Visit the official Psychic TV site, Genesis for more details, and if you’re (unfortunately) not well versed in the catalog, make sure you also dig some PTV3 gems that have been available for dance parties for nearly two decades now (see DOWNLOADS below) – dude, Genesis P-Orridge is so fucking fierce for rocking that long and that hard! I can’t wait to go to New York and get dressed up and dance all night! The album’s scheduled release date is October 20, on Sweet Nothing Records. Who wants to come with me?!?


Psychic TV – Roman P
Psychic TV – White Nights


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