Join The Hot Chip Triathalon and Win Cool Stuff [mp3]


Assuming some of you don’t know: Hot Chip are those British electro kids that brought you that poppin little dance track, called ‘Ready for the Floor,’ that came out back in January and has been remixed by everyone under the sun (to the point where some of you probably haven’t even heard the original version. Fix that now:


Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor

Why it bears mentioning: I heard the song on the radio last night and realized how good it is–I even put it on a mix CD I made for a dude who listens mainly to metal. I TOTALLY love it. This morning I went to add it to my myspace profile, and what I found on Hot Chip’s myspace page is quite frankly the best internet marketing campaign for an indie artist, ever. It was all aimed at promoting the album that was just released on February 12th, Made In The Dark. The major is now on a[n extremely well designed] Facebook App that hosts “The Hot Chip Triathalon.” At midnight on March 31st, the winner of this trilogy of memory games will be whoever holds the highest score in the Facebook App. The prize: Click to View Original Post…

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