Flashback Friday: The Humpty Dance


I’ve been vibing pretty hard on 93.5 (kday) because they play shit like Digital Underground, Kriss Kross, SWV, and TLC. In fact, the topic of this post was initially going to be Onyx, but this blog I’ve never heard of but will probably continue to read just so happened to be a step ahead of me. Dig their Old School Wednesday post if you’d rather sit & reminisce about Onyx.

But If you’re like me, you think Humpty is fucking hilarious and you can’t believe Tupac was in a group with this dude so you’ll probably stick around to check out the pics (I couldn’t decide which one to use so I just posted them all – thanks shockg.com), listen to the tunes, and watch the ridiculously awesome video that follows this sentence.


Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

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