Daily Bummer: Fat Boys – One Dead, Two Still Fat


The Fat Boys - One Dead, Two Still Fat

The two surviving members of the Fat Boys, Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock-Ski recently announced they are planning a reunion that would include an album, tour and reality show. Although third member Buffy passed away in 1995, the two surviving members are set to show the world the new Fat Boys. (As reported by wooha.com)

“I’m weighing in at 185 these days, people are encouraged and motivated to see a slim and trim Fat Boy,” said Kool Rock-Ski. No current word yet on exact details of the plan or who would produce or air their reality show. Considering VH-1’s recent trend of hip-hop reality though, they would be a good bet.

The Fat Boys feat. The Beach Boys – Wipeout

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