BEATMASTERS: Black Holes Remixes


In the interest of catering to all audiences until we decide exactly what we’re gonna do around these parts, the weapon decides to bring you another Fantastic Pick in the realm of electronic tunes. Black Holes are another electronic duo, whom some may refer to as “DJ’s”, and others might call “artists”, and who a one Mr. Franki Chan got stoked on back in August, and gave some love on his IHEARTCOMIX blog on my mom’s birthday. Regardless of whether or not you’d agree with calling them ‘artists’, one fact is undeniable: the dudes known as Black Holes can produce some seriously ridiculous beats.

Tipped off by Trash Menagerie, the weapon brings you two Black Holes remixes – number one: Little Jinder’s – ‘Polyhedron’ (winning entry in the Trouble & Bass remix contest) and number two: Hollywood Holt’s – ‘Caked Up.’ – no, not, ‘Coked Up’ – sorry L.A. If you dig this noise and your stomping grounds are anywhere near Chicago, dig the beatmasters known as Black Holes on October 24th at Sonotheque, on the iheartcomix tour w/Franki Chan and Toxic Avenger. Oh shit, double check: did I just call them BEATMASTERS?!?! Affirmative.

Little Jinder – Polyhedron (Black Holes Remix)
Hollywood Holt – Caked Up (Black Holes Remix)

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