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Hi. I’m Steven. When C4 asked if I wanted to contribute to FW I had absolutely no idea what or who I’d write about. After I mulled it over for about a million years I decided I was over thinking it. A couple of months ago I went to some random show at the Troubadour. I’d never heard of any of the bands on the bill but I walked out of that show having heard one of the best local acts I’d ever heard.

Enter Vanaprasta.

The five members of Vanaprasta create edgy, melodic tunes and vocalist Steven Wilkins’ lyrics hail over edgy rhythms and tempo changes. These guys seem to be nfluenced by everything from folk to space rock, and beware: these sounds will cause involuntary head bobbing. Their music really has a soul to it. The kind of soul that vibrates up your spine and shoots from your fingertips. If you’re lucky enough see them play you’ll most likely drift into a Vanaprasta-induced coma until the whole thing is over.

My favorite track is ‘Color of Sin’ because it makes me wanna clap my hands and dance with my eyes closed. There’s an even amount of each band member poured into it and I feel like that’s what really defines Vanaprasta’s unique sound. Not to mention their impressive musical training. During a brief interview with the band, Wilkins happened to mention he had had professional vocal lessons from the same dude who taught Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder. WTF?!!!!? Since I met with them back in September, Vanaprasta has performed at CMJ and at The Roxy. Their goal is to play at the Greek, which I don’t think is too far off.

Dig the rest of the interview here, and feast your ears on ‘Color of Sin’ below.

Click to Play Vanaprasta – Color of Sin






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