Band To Watch: Fierce Creatures


Fierce Creatures emerged from the scorching Fresno, CA summer of 2009. Abandoning past musical undertakings that never quite seemed to fit, the band came together to build an identity free of limitations – an identity focused on the joy of undiluted music. Guitars and keys drive their tunes, while mandolin, harmonica, and bells accentuate them with chanting choruses and a miscellany of percussion. The product: cultivated art-pop that can only be called Fierce Creatures. Dig the clips and tunes below, and if you’re into it you can snag the debut EP I Mostri Feroci here.

Fierce Creatures is: Mike Adame, Mathr Collom, Tomas Galvan, Joel Melton, Jon Rulloda, Nathaniel Stiers, and Amanda Valdez.

Fierce Creatures – Satan Is A Vampire (live)


Fierce Creatures – Satan Is A Vampire

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